Essay: Simplifying My Life

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¶ … woke up on the sheets my mother gave me, which are soft and apparently expensive. I have no idea where she bought them or where they were manufactured, though. Many high-end products are not ethically produced, any more so than the cheap items sold at Wal*Mart. However, as I reflect on my consumer purchases I deepen my commitment to steer clear of Wal*Mart, not just because of their support of environmentally stupid manufacturing processes and human rights abuses abroad but also because of their labor policies. Any company the size of Wal*Mart should be able to create a workforce that makes above the minimum wage and one that also takes pride in their jobs. Instead, Wal*Mart panders to the consumer society by promising "jobs" that mean only pocket change to people who need real income to feed themselves if not also their families. Meditating on the labor force helps me to see more where my consumer purchases affect the globe. I would prefer to live in a society that does not tolerate a whole class of working poor while professing to be the greatest nation on earth. If I have to spend slightly more at a store that treats their workers well, then those few dollars extra are well spent.

When I open my breakfast cereal, I do not feel guilty. I actually know that the manufacturer appreciates whole grains because they actually do taste good, in spite of the propaganda delivered by the mass-market sugar industry. Sugar is fine in moderation, but in excess has caused tremendous harm to individuals as well as to the environment. The manufacturer of my organic whole grain cereal might appreciate organically grown whole grains because they are financially feasible and if so, the market has spoken. Profit is not the problem; ethics are.

Looking in my refrigerator I notice that I have been spending more money on food because I want to purchase organic as well as locally produced products. Organic products, no matter what products they are, help build market interest in the organic farming industry. Greater consumer interest means more support for organic farming, which in turn means cheaper and more readily available organic goods.

My kitchen contains a wide variety of foods, some of which I am proud of and others of which I am not. I do feel better when I buy and consume products from companies that use organic ingredients even if those companies also produce non-organic counterparts too. For example, a major potato chip manufacturer still makes their standard familiar brand but recently branched out into the organic market sector and now makes organic chips.

In fact, I know that my dollars prove the market demands increased production of organic goods. Today I went grocery shopping and carefully watched what I spent my money on. I used to buy whatever item was cheapest or whatever brand name I was familiar with but… [END OF PREVIEW]

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