Simpson's the Movie Essay

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Simpsons the Movie

The history of the cartoon industry goes back at the beginning of the early cinema era in which people were enjoying voiceless movies in cinemas everywhere. The cartoon era started in the 1920's with Felix the Cat getting the attention of the crowd and later being surpassed by the more fascinating talking cartoons. After decades of constant improvements for the cartoon industry came the year of 1987 in which the Simpsons would come on air for the first time. The T.V. show instantly captured the audience with the ordinary U.S. family that had an abundance of hilarity in it. (Washingtonpost)

Since its beginning, the Simpsons have definitely provided its watchers with one of the most beloved U.S. cartoon comedy ever to be broadcasted. Created by cartoonist Mat Groening, the animation had been initially intended to be a part of the Tracey Ullman Show, but the series soon became independent in 1989 and transformed into regular animated television program.

Groening got the idea of the show from analyzing his relatives and giving cartoon characters their names, apparently to recreate real life experiences with the help of animation. The series had been intended to be a satirical parody of the middle class Americans generally.

As more and more people started to enjoy watching the Simpsons, the animated series became famous around the globe and has had more than 400 episodes, with the twentieth season commencing its broadcast during September 2008.

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Several Awards have been given to the Simpsons and there were reports of episodes having more then 20 million viewers. Due to the fact that the series has been continuously broadcasted for approximately 19 years its fans changed over time and there are cases in which the love for the Simpsons has been passed on between generations.

TOPIC: Essay on Simpson's the Movie Assignment

The Simpsons family is composed of five members who have unique features that make them interesting and funny in the same time. The family lives in the town of Springfield and is a typical American family from the middle class. Homer, the head of the family, is an overweight, bald character working at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. He is convinced of having the capacity of teaching his children the difference between good and wrong, but in most cases he only manages to give immature advices. Homer's wife, Marge, is a dedicated mother, longing for having a peaceful and fine family, as she is almost the opposite of Homer when regarding her abilities of running a family. Bart, the 10-year-old boy of the family, is continuously getting into trouble, and keeps annoying his father. Lisa is Bart's 8-year-old sister that appears to have great intellectual capacities and loves to annoy his father by playing her saxophone. The baby of the family, named Maggie, is an intriguing little girl that corresponds by sucking on her pacifier.

During the first episodes of the series the eyes of the audience were believed to have been paying the most attention to Bart because of the troubles that he sett off. However, with the passing of time, the broadcasters noticed that the audience became interested in Homer and his naive character which always tended to mess things up. The Simpsons managed to get into the top thirty highest rated shows of the FOX network and in the same time it was FOX's first real hit when regarding television series. (Abrego Eric)

The show is not as damaging to its viewers as several important faces, including former First Lady Barbara Bush, claimed. In fact, the Simpsons is among the only animated show that brings religion in several of its episodes. The characters of the show are often presented as praying either from receiving forgiveness from God, or to embitter God in order for making him stop a disaster. (John Dart)

The Simpsons series are so popular among its fans that there are expressions from the movie which have been adopted by people everywhere and which have even been put in the Oxford English Dictionary.

The Simpsons are not the only characters of the show, as in almost every episode they interact with several other characters. From the neighbors of the Simpsons to Homer's always dissatisfied boss, all of the characters are almost as equal as funny as the show's main characters.

Due to the fact that the FOX network observed that the Simpsons series have been a huge hit on the viewers world wide, the decision to make a full time movie had been taken in 2007. Watching the movie meant that you had to have a slight idea of what was going on with the Simpsons, as the movie was meant to be a sequel of the whole series. Generally...there are little people in the world that are able to say that they have never watched an episode from the Simpsons. The film had been welcomed by the Simpsons fans everywhere by being viewed by thousands of people in cinemas around the world. The producers of the movie have made a contest to choose the city which would host the premiere of the movie and the contest had been won by the city of Springfield, Vermont.

The producers felt that it would take more to develop a film than it took for the normal half and hour episode and so the film had to be much more complex, as it involved attracting the same audience without having to disappoint the viewers. The producers had to pay a lot of attention to the film so that it wouldn't be similar to other animation series which had a full time film made after it. A team of eleven writers, which had all been producers of the show at one time in the history of the Simpsons, gathered and worked together in making a story that would impress the audience. In the end, the plot had been created and the all that needed for the movie to be made had been the animations. The interesting thing about the movie is that because of the fact that the series had had a tremendous success on TV, several people that had not necessarily been Simpsons fans decided to try and watch the movie.

Despite the fact that there are also critics that say that the movie is not as attracting as a normal episode because of its length, most people have enjoyed it and instantly became Simpson fans.

The story begins with Homer, which is doing his typical job and accidentally manages to pollute the Springfield Lake after dropping pig dump in it in return for some free donuts. After investigating the situation, the Environmental Protection Agency decides to quarantine the area in order to prevent a larger disaster, after intense pressure from President Arnold Schwarzenegger. The quarantine area is soon entrapped in a huge glass bubble that prevents anyone from getting in or out of the city.

The locals turn against Homer and an angry mob chase the whole Simpson family that takes a refuge in Alaska after discovering an escape route. As usually, Homer doesn't pay interest in the condition at the beginning, but at the time that he realizes the gravity of the situation he decides to do something for his family and for his hometown. At last, he decides that he must act in order for his family to return to Springfield and in the mean time to save the city.

Heroically, after some failed attempts, Homer manages to get inside the city and eventually the glass bubble is broken and all the people freed.

The reason for why the movie might have not been the hit that its producers expected it to be may be that the viewers had not been accustomed to watching the Simpsons for 90 minutes in such an elaborate screen play.

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