Simulation of Thor Motorcycles Essay

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Simulation of Thorr Motorcycle

Thorr case study

Three major phases: Analysis

Phase 1 "Where is the thunder" situation

Thorr is positioned at the higher price end of the motorcycle market, with a strong lifestyle-based image. Sales are going down because Thorr's core demographic of older purchasers is now aging out of the market for motorcycles. Younger consumers, with less disposable income, are choosing cheaper vehicles.

Thor must ensure that it has a secure customer base in the future. It must look ahead. However, it does not want to ignore its past, and the value provided by its past successes and reputation for quality.

Additionally, Thor's reputation for providing quality service has become questionable. As service as well as manufacturing quality was once considered a core attribute of the brand, to fully live up to its reputation, it must seek to improve this dimension of the Thorr motorcycle experience as well.

My recommended solution, including why

Emphasize the high-end lifestyle embodied by Thorr for younger consumers. Thorr cannot compete upon price. Quality engineering and services are necessary to emphasize, given that they are an integral component of justifying high-end pricing.

The results

This is correct -- diluting quality would dilute the longstanding reputation of Thorr and Thorr should not abandon the quality-based values that made it great.

Phase 2 "Revving up the marketing" situation

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Thorr must be repositioned in the new, younger more price-conscious marketplace as a quality brand.

My recommended solution, including why

TOPIC: Essay on Simulation of Thor Motorcycles Assignment

Offering financing to younger consumers makes Thorr more affordable. Offering better services and higher, long-lasting quality in a manner younger consumers can afford is an ideal solution to justifying Thorr's higher prices. Promoting the Thorr brand through marketing venues like product placement in Hollywood movies can generate excitement about Thorr.

The results

Demand has increased, due to the new financing strategy. Customer opinions of services provided have improved. Perception of the brand's quality has also improved, due to better product placement in newer and more attractive venues, and improvements in service.

Phase 3 "Revved up" situation

Lifestyle image is even higher than before, as is the perception of quality and service, as well as vehicle engineering. Sales have increased, and even though there is still dissatisfaction with the high price of Thorr motorcycles, offering financing has made them more affordable.

My recommended solution, including why

The company should continue with its current strategy of high quality, high-level service, and maintaining a strong perception that Thorr is a high-quality brand.

The results

The re-positioning has been judged a success. Thorr must continue to build upon its brand image and core attributes in the future,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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