Singapore Has Long Built Essay

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One of the benefits of this for any company having supply chain issues is that they can turn to any of the world's leading solutions providers, the world's most important cargo hubs, and a political environment that stays out of the way.

Singapore has also staked a claim as a leader. You simply do not hear about companies having supply chain issues in Singapore. Companies typically look to Singapore to offshore or outsource some of their logistics to the many good partners that operate within the country. Emerging areas of supply chain like cloud computing have allowed Singapore to expand and grow with the industry. Companies are now using Singapore's logistics capabilities to manage their information supply chain.


The different case studies here demonstrate how companies utilize Singapore to resolve their supply chain issues. Major supply chain service providers like FedEx utilize Singapore as a regional hub because the country has a high level of competency in this area. A firm like Starbucks that runs a lot of its supply chain management in-house will also choose Singapore because the company not only has a strong retail base but it also has significant talent, a great political environment, low taxes and also world class infrastructure.

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Consulting firms like IBM and Robert Walters have set up in Singapore to take advantage of this expertise. Companies around the world look to Singapore for solutions, so any company in the industry must take a look at Singapore in order to address problems. Even new areas like green supply chain management can be found in Singapore, thanks to investments from a combination of the private and public sector, which has contribute to the large body of knowledge about supply chain management issues.

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Essay on Singapore Has Long Built Its Assignment

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