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Sir Isaac Newton laid the groundwork for the studies of physics and calculus. He has been called "one of the great minds of the 17th century Scientific Revolution," which is indeed an understatement, as Newton developed some of the most cogent formulas upon which modern science and technologies rely ("Isaac Newton Biography"). Newton was born in 1643 in Woolsthorpe, England, was raised by his grandparents after his father died and his mother remarried, and matriculated at Cambridge University in 1661. It was while at Cambridge that Newton developed most of his core theories and technologies. He devoted much of his early career to the development of optics, and invented the reflecting telescope in 1668. The telescope " brought him to the attention of the scientific community," ("Isaac Newton"). Newton basically invented the science of optics; he was able to show how the spectrum of the rainbow is present in white light and also how light behaves in general.

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In 1687, Newton's attention shifted to the study of gravity and mass. He published the Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, which is referred to as his "single greatest work" because of its universal application in the study of physics ("Isaac Newton"). In Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, Newton proposed the mathematical model for orbital motion as the predominant principle of the movement of celestial bodies. Newton therefore revolutionized understanding of the universe as well as the behavior of objects on earth. Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy also contains a section on the behavior of fluids, including the properties of fluids like density and how such properties impact the ability of objects to move through them. Thus, Newton demonstrated how objects would move slower through more viscous fluids due to density. Newton also studied the density of air, and from his calculations, was able to measure the speed of sound waves (Hall).

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It is for his work on the study of gravity and physics that Newton is most renowned. However, Newton can be considered a Renaissance man in that his talents spanned multiple… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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