Sister Callista Roy Theory Research Paper

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This is advantageous for the nurses when dealing with people who are likely to be multi-faceted as most patients are.

The concepts that are presented above in Roy's model have a logical sequence with the idea of adaptation to maintain integrity being the central theme here.

It is also noteworthy that the concepts of Roy's Model are stated in simple terms that are easy to understand by any nurse.

The fact that this model encourages and guides the nurses to use more of the observational skills and interviewing skills while conducting personalized assessment of each patient.

The other strength is that the Roy's model has proven to be applicable in many incidences of the nursing practice and has proven to be helpful especially for the patients.


The process of application of the model is tedious and time consuming since it involves creating rapport with the client and understanding the client which is a thing that requires time, effort and skill.

The model has several elements as seen above, several systems, structures and multiple assumptions and concepts as indicated above.


Bearing the tedious and time consuming nature of the model, there is little possibility that it can be applied in an emergency situation in the nursing profession since emergencies need quick decisions and fast actions. There is then the possibility of a nurse successfully completing the adaptation process without necessarily having the benefit of carrying out a complete assessment for proper nursing intervention.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Sister Callista Roy Theory at Assignment

There is a possibility of the adaptive response to vary in each individual or patients hence there can be considerable difference in the application in different patients and even with different nurses. This means that the control span of the nurse may be cut short or stopped by the time the patient is discharged. This raises a further question of the role of the nurse when an individual or a patient displays ineffective response in the course of the adaptation procedure. The method is silent on such situations and yet, albeit they can be few, they are possibilities. The RAM concentrates on the adaptation and does not show how the nurse can prevent or even deal with maladaptation.

Application of Roy's Adaptation Method

There are various applications of this particular method within the nursing fraternity right from the daily nursing care to the education process in nursing studies and research that are in line with nursing. This approach has been proven essential and instrumental as portrayed below.

Application in nursing practice

The method that Roy suggested enables the nurses to systematically deal with patients by first assessing the behaviors of these patients and then after that looking at the stimuli that affect the behaviors observed in the patient. The third step as seen above is the nursing diagnosis then after that step he sets the goals that are meant to promote adaptation. The fifth step is aimed at managing the stimuli to promote adaptation and final step being evaluation. This then shows that by manipulating the stimuli and not the individual, there is an increased interaction between the patient and their respective environments, a fact that is promoted in the course of nursing practice. The model can therefore be said to aid in the studying the patient behaviors in totality hence providing a clearer picture of the patient. There is then the emphasis on the positive behavior of the patient which will in turn speed up the recovery process of the patient.

Application in education

The RAM is also very instrumental in the educational sectors since it sets straight the purpose of nursing which apparently to ensure the individual can adapt as fast a possible using the adaptive modes states hitherto in circumstances where the person may be sick. This model has been included in many university curriculums within the U.S. And has been studied among other major models like Roy model in nursing schools and colleges.

Application in research

It was the wish of Roy to have theory development and the testing of these theories to be thorough and a priority. The models that are admitted into the academic use and daily application must be able to generate testable hypothesis in order for them to be researchable. This was a contribution that the Roy model made in the research sector and continues to contribute to the nursing research as more people strive to find further ways of application of this model and means of improving it for better and more use within the nursing fraternity.


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