Site Rubric on the Multigenerational Center in Henderson Term Paper

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¶ … Facility: The Multigenerational Center is located in Henderson, Nevada, a city that John F. Kennedy called a "city of destiny" (cited on "City History"). Today, Henderson is the second-largest city in Nevada. Its motto is "A Place to Call Home," and the Henderson Multigenerational Center reflects the demographics of the growing family-oriented community. Built in 2002 by the Dekker Perich Holmes Sabatini architectural firm, the recreational center also includes a large aquatic complex with both indoor and outdoor pools. Combined with the aquatic complex the Henderson Multigenerational Center totals 84,120 square feet (Brown, 2006). As its name implies, the Multigenerational Center appeals to persons in all age groups, from toddlers to the elderly. The newly-built recreational center can also be enjoyed by the physically and mentally challenged because its facilities were built with diversity in mind. Primarily a recreational center offering opportunities for exercise and game time, the Multigenerational Center also includes a computer lab and an art gallery. The facility can be home to cultural events, lectures, and courses as well as to sports leagues and teams. All members of the Henderson community are served by the facility, which is located in a recently-developed zone at 250 South Green Valley Parkway.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Site Rubric on the Multigenerational Center in Henderson Assignment

Description of Facility: Henderson's Multigenerational Center is huge, appearing "mammoth from the north but more approachable and inviting from the south" (Brown, 2006). Moreover, the edifice is painted in multiple desert tones, turning what could have been a monotonous industrial-looking complex into a cheerful-looking recreational facility. Desert tones allow the complex to blend in seamlessly into the Nevada environment, indicating appreciation of and respect for the local ecosystem. Furthermore, the ground floor of the recreational center offers stunning views of the city and valley. Visitors can cultivate pride in their community, which is enhanced by the presence of this community center. The programs run at the Multigenerational Center vary considerably. One of the center's most notable features is its art gallery, which regularly invites submissions. Cultural events including music and dance performances can regularly take place on the Multigenerational Center campus. Described by the Henderson Parks and Recreation Department as a "unique facility with a visual interior mall effect," the Multigenerational Center has a modern design, look and feel (City of Henderson, 2003). Indoor spaces have high ceilings with exposed piping and the entire facility is well-lit. The gymnasium spaces are remarkable, including the second-storey jogging track that overlooks the gym's basketball courts. Indoor sports and gym facilities allow patrons to work out all year long no matter what the weather. At the same time, the Multigenerational Center capitalizes on the Nevada sun with the outdoor pool and aquatic center facilities.

Analysis of Facility: The Henderson Multigenerational Center serves its purpose and goes beyond what would normally be expected of a community recreational facility. Because… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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