Situational Risk Factor That Lead to Teen Pregnancy Term Paper

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¶ … Risk Factors

There are several situational risk factors that can lead to teenage pregnancy. In a literature review by Hawkins, Catalano, and Miller (1992), a teen's community, family, educational experiences, as well as personal issues were all found to be risk factors for teen pregnancy. In terms of community situational risk factors, the researchers found that teens from homes experiencing "extreme economic deprivation," or those teens from impoverished homes, had a much higher likelihood of teen pregnancy from those in even slightly higher economically advantaged homes (Hawkins, et al., 1992).

In addition, Hawkins (et al., 1992) found that teens from homes where there was a high family history of teen pregnancy, problems with family management, or family conflict were more likely to become pregnant earlier than their peers. In particular, the researchers noted that teens who were born to teenage parents themselves were nearly 70% more likely than those born to parents over the age of 21 to become pregnant in their teens. Additionally, the researchers noted, teens of families in conflict were more likely to seek out love and affection in inappropriate ways, often leading to teen pregnancy (Hawkins, et al., 1992).

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Hawkins (et al., 1992) also found that there were several situational risk factors associated with the teen herself that led to teen pregnancy. First, those teens whose friends actively behaved in early sexual behaviors were more likely to participate in those same behaviors. In coincidence, teens who participated in early antisocial behaviors, such as smoking, drinking, and negative attitudes were also more likely to participate in early sexual activity (Hawkins, et al., 1992).

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In addition to the above risk factors, Queensland Health Officials note still further situational risk… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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