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An equal wage for the same job must be paid to either gender. The same ruling regards age, disability, religion, and ethnicity. The employer, too, is required to reasonably accommodate the religious belief of the employee unless doing so would impose undue hardship. An age limit for the job may only be specified in rare circumstances where age has proved to be an occupational qualification (Federal Laws Prohibiting Job Discrimination.) However employers can, and frequently do slip around these legislations, and very few violators are held accountable. Given these circumstances it seems almost impossible to succeed in a world that evaluates you according to disadvantageous characteristics that fate has bequeathed you with and that are beyond your ability to eradicate.

On the other hand, there do seem to be some skills that are innate and that, everyone, regardless of external merit can claim possession to if they are born with them. These skills enable people to get to where they wish to be.

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Baron and Markman (2000), for instance, observed that startups are often doomed to failure but some are more successful than others due to personality traits of the individual entrepreneurs rather than due to their affluence or influence. It is the entrepreneur's social skills -- specific traits that help them interact effectively and personably with others -- that play a dominant role in their success. Economic capital does help but, oftentimes, too it may hinder, since companies that are flush with the money spend it too easily and fail to innovate. It is past experience, ability to deal with people, the skill in reading other's accurately, being able to make a favorable first impression, being flexible, and adaptable to a wide range of social situations that can most help individuals in making that important first impression and in influencing the quality of their business interactions later on. In other words, it is not so much external characteristics that help one succeed but rather internal characteristics that are, most times, innate or that can be acquired through persistence and will.

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Current times give us a far greater opportunity than ever before to practice these innate characteristics and to side-step deprivation of birth or fate. Potential employers may, and do, evaluate others based on external characteristics of socio-economic strata, gender, race, and so forth. Tendency to do so will, quite likely, continue despite national rules and regulations to the contrary. One who is determined, however, to pursue his dream and pursue a certain career can more confidently step in that direction by taking a non-conventional route such as becoming an entrepreneur, starting his or her own business and/or using the Internet. The Internet enables one to assume a guise where oen can transcend limitations of context and space and, using one's skills, market one's capacities (product or service) to others. Opportunities such as entrepreneurship and the Internet focus more on merit-based work or production than on extrinsic properties and these enable the individual to side-step potential limitations.

Individuals from less privileged backgrounds including minorities, gender and socio-economic factors do have a tougher time than others to succeed. Fate had not handed them an easy coin. On the other hand, it may be just these individuals who are more motivated to succeed and relentless than others in doing so. An Oprah Winfrey came from just such a background as did a Maya Angelou and an Edison as well as Ford. Innate characteristics, social skills, and a strong will may make up for extrinsic factors and allow some individuals to succeed whether others, given their circumstances, would naturally fail.


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Federal Laws Prohibiting Job Discrimination. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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