Slavery in the United States Term Paper

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Slavery in the United States was largely a result of pulling economic factors. When the colonists originally arrived in America and, later, established a new nation, they were faced with needing to find a means of creating both personal and national economic stability. The greatest advantage that this new continent offered was space. With space, large scale agriculture could occur. Yet, in order to operate a large-scale, profitable agricultural venture in a time when technology was limited, there was a demand for cheap labor. Thus, the conditions were set for the use of African slaves.

Further, as demand for such agricultural products as tobacco and cotton, which were the main production crops of the south's plantations, the need for slave labor increased. As a result, slavery in the United States was largely a manner of supply, demand, agricultural efficiency and lack of technology.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Since large scale agriculture was limited to the south, slavery had the unintended effect of dividing the nation. In the north, industry was the main source of economic income and did… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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