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Sleep deprivation is common ailment in modern society and it affects 47 million American adults, or almost a quarter of the adult population. (Sleep Deprivation Symptoms) In essence sleep deprivation refers to an extended period of time in which the body and mind are deprived of normal sleep. The effects and symptoms of sleep deprivation can range from memory loss to an impairment of physical and mental functioning. Symptoms can interfere with memory, energy levels, mental abilities, and emotional mood. This ailment is often a product of our rushed and work --driven modern world. Besides the pace of modern life and work, there are a number of causes, including stress. Other causes include health and mental problems as well as the imbibing of certain foodstuffs and caffeine. The central thesis of this paper is to show, through a study of the causes and effects of sleep deprivation, how important normal sleep is for the healthily development and functioning of the human body and mind.

As mentioned, one of the central contemporary causes of sleep deprivation is stress in everyday life. This aspect may lead to states of tension that disturbs the normal sleep pattern. Field, McCabe, and Schneiderman in Stress and Coping sleep deprivation acts as a stressor

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When an individual is deprived of sleep for a period of time there are decrements in performance... Sleep deprivation may be considered stressful because two control systems, one regulating sleep and one regulating forebrain arousal, are discordant, and the arousal system overrides the sleep regulating system. Thus, the behaviors that one engages in during sleep deprivation artificially sustain a high level of forebrain arousal to combat sleepiness.

Field, McCabe, and Schneiderman 69)

The above view therefore indicates how sleep deprivation disturbs the balance and functioning in the brain and thus causes a stressful reaction.

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However sleep deprivation itself has also been found to increase physical and mental stress levels and can in fact exacerbate the stress in an individual. In this sense a cycle is created where stress causes sleep loss leading to sleep deprivation, which in turn increases the stress in the body.

Another negative effect related to both stress and sleep deprivation is that it can "....lead to immune suppression." (Field, McCabe, and Schneiderman 27) This means that the body is more vulnerable to diseases and virus attacks if deprived of sleep for long periods of time.

It has been found that periods of sleep deprivation can have a profound effect on the normal balance and functions of the body. For example, a study undertaken by the Chicago Medical… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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