Small Business Government Marketing Term Paper

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Small Business Gov't. Marketing

Enviro LTD: A Strategy for the Future

Enviro LTD Description

Marketing Strategy

Electronic Marketing Resources (Most useful to Least useful):

Government Websites

FedBizOpps iii. Federal Procurement Data Resources

Small businesses are striving to survive in today's economy. However, one way to keep oneself safe from the changing tides of the market is to have a long-term government contract that will ensure steady, meaningful income. Despite the many opportunities to innovate and establish oneself in this market, there are hindrances that present themselves at every step along the way. First, it is important to note that the government utilizes various criteria in even establishing a firm as a potential governmental contract candidate. This includes counting number of employees, annual receipts, and affiliates to establish whether the business is viable and whether it qualifies under small business guidelines. If a business should want to revise these criteria prior to applying to governmental contracts, it can find them in the Small Business Administration Small Business Size Regulations, Title 13, Part 121 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Governmental websites, such as those detailing small business size standards, can also provide information on industry classifications, which can include manufacturing, construction, services, transportation, refined petroleum products, and research development and testing.

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For the purposes of this paper, however, the following paragraphs will examine how an already qualifying, hypothetical environmental business, Enviro LTD, could make itself a more attractive candidate for governmental contracts through the employment of efficient marketing resources, such as the utilization of government websites and federal procurement data resources, among others, and will also analyze what the least and most useful marketing resources could be in this respect.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Small Business Government Marketing Assignment

In this particular hypothetical, Enviro LTD is a company that provides the government with environmentally safe solutions with regards to the products it utilizes to store meals for troops abroad. Usually, the soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, for instance, receive their meals in various containers when in the field. Depending on the meal, items are sealed in either tin cans, plastic pouches, or plastic bags. These various items are placed on tin or plastic trays, and are subsequently covered with a clear plastic wrapper. What Enviro LTD proposes for the government is to replace these plastic-based storing options with bio-degradable, environmentally-safe storage options, all of which would be provided by Enviro LTD at a similar cost to that which the government incurs when ordering the current storing options. Furthermore, with the new storage options provided by Enviro LTD, the government could choose various colors to signify products, and can utilize special cold storing or heat storing packaging, an innovation pioneered by Enviro LTD.

After this description it is, of course, important to determine what kind of marketing strategies are best for this company to make itself more known on a broader scale and attain government contracts on a viable basis. Enviro LTD should thus consider utilizing governmental websites, FedBizOpps and other federal procurement data resources to market itself further. Governmental websites… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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