Small Business Plan for a Photography Program Business Plan

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Small Business Plan for a Photography Program

The business plan proposes to develop a company that would sell photos made by teenagers in a school, both through a partnership with Snappysnaps and online, through the company's own webpage. The teenagers participating in the program will be asked to provide a minimum number of photos for the project, for which they will receive credit. The products will be on different themes, including customized photos for family occasions etc.

Business description

The business, called "Kids n Clicks," proposes to sell photography made by teenagers in different forms, most importantly through a partnership with Snappysnaps, an online company that specializes in the use of photography in other products (cups, T-shirts etc.), as well as in general services associated with photography. The great benefit of a collaboration between the two companies results from the added-value that the synergy effect will provide. As such, Kids n Clicks will be able to sell its product through the Snappysnaps business, while at the same time, Snappysnaps will benefit from the supply of photography for its business.

The most beneficial option for cooperation from a financial point-of-view is a percentage to be paid by Snappysnaps to Kids n Clicks for every product that is sold having a picture from the Kids n Clicks portfolio. This percentage can range anywhere from 30% to 50%, depending on the complexity of the photo and the general demand for the respective product.

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A final part of the Kids n Clicks business should be to also sell the pictures through its own website. The partnership with Snappysnaps can be exploited here to both parties' benefit: online advertisements to the other site can be placed in visible places on the two websites, while Snappysnaps could facilitate purchases from the Kids n Clicks website by directing customers from its website to Kids n Clicks.

III. Product or Service

Business Plan on Small Business Plan for a Photography Program Assignment

The product that the company is selling is thematic photos. In order to make the cooperation with Snappysnaps more beneficial, it is best that there is an agreement between the two companies on the type of photos that will be part of this. Kids n Chicks could, for example, focus on photography associated with teenage activities, such as sports, school activities or going to concerts. Similar photos could be directly sold on the company's website.

IV. Market Analysis

There are several categories of persons that the products offered by… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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