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Even from the British perspective, ironically, Kincaid has overcome oppression via the written word. She raises awareness about issues that few tourists would otherwise consider. For example, Kincaid takes it upon herself to tell readers -- who are prospective tourists -- that their money takes away from the local economy. Tourism dollars are not spent on rebuilding roads and schools. Instead, they are used to make tourists more comfortable while the native Antiguans are poor and angry. Kincaid understands the continuity between the colonial and post-colonial governments.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Small Place, Jamaica Kincaid Fulfills Assignment

Kincaid's solace in literature becomes her political platform. Her memoir is Kincaid's contribution to Antigua, and not just to the canon of literature or post-colonial discourse. These contributions are important, but Kincaid's message is clearly about her niche in her native island. Although her memoir has certainly not changed the way tourism operates in Antigua, Kincaid does ask her readers to think more critically about the tourism industry in all countries around the world. In this way, Kincaid has made a tremendous impact. She has helped to overcome oppression by showing how to rise above perceived inferiority. In countries that have gone through a colonial heritage and racial stratification, it is important to recall Kincaid's work and apply…
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