Smart Goal 1: Leadership Development Research Paper

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In regards to leadership development, these resources can be leveraged to obtain expert opinion regarding a skill or ability. In addition, these resources can also be used to help establish a network in which the mentee can rely upon for development in the future.

R: realistic- Is this goal something that is realistically obtainable in a professional practice?

The goal is very realistic in regards to professional practice. The task of bi-weekly meetings, monthly personal assessments, and bi-monthly seminars are all very helpful in regards to personal development. They are also easily measurable. If planned properly, they will not interfere with personal practice but would actually help the individuals practice through leadership development.

T: time bound - What specific dates or weeks will you accomplish each task of your project goal?

The goal to improve a particular leadership metric should be given a timeframe of between 3 to 6 months.

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Research Paper on Smart Goal 1: Leadership Development Assignment

The individual nurse wills first development a strong relationship with a mentor within the facility. Through this relationship, periodic meetings, self-assessments and seminars will occur on a weekly and monthly basis. These meetings will focus on one particular leadership metric that both the mentor and mentee agree upon. This metric should be improved within 3 to 6 months. Attributes needed to achieve the goal are persistence, consistency, and passion for improvement. The meeting will take place in the hospital bi…
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