Smart Watches and Their Evaluation Term Paper

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There were 6 options for this question. The question sought to get an idea about the literacy level of the participant. The reason behind adding this question is that according to the general trend, the more a person is educated, the more he or she will make use of technological things because he or she will have a better understanding of the technological devices. Similarly, it has been expected that illiterate people will have low usability of the smart watches. The second section of the questionnaire focuses on the products. It is based on 8 questions related to the product. These questions have been asked by the participant in order to learn about the attitude and level of usage of the participants. Apart from that these questions were also asked so as to evaluate the level of satisfaction pertaining to the use of smart phones and smart watches that exists among the participants. Moreover, the experience level of the participants with respect to the use and operation of the smart watches was also sought through this part of the questionnaire. Most of the questions were based on the Likert scale.

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Term Paper on Smart Watches and Their Evaluation Assignment

The rule of communication of the test goals and aims to the participants is a mandatory one. Not a single participant can made a part of any study or research, before him or her is made to understand the goals, purpose and objectives of the particular study that is being carried out. Therefore, the purpose of this study was also conveyed to the participants before it was carried out. An informed consent form was drafted before the study was started. The form that was drafted was also based on two sections. The first section included an introduction about the study. In the introduction, a brief summary was given about the smart watches, its functionalities and its features. A short comparison, which was unbiased, was also made between smart watches and smartphones. It was then made clear to the participants that they are being asked these questions about the usage of smart watches so as to make a conclusion whether or not companies should invest towards the enhancement of these devices. It will also be explained to the participants that the information given by them will be kept confidential at all times of the study, and even after that. All the steps of the research were also explained to the participants. Later on, the questions that were there in the questionnaire were also explained to all the participants. The second part of the informed consent form was based on the permission, and in order to make sure that the participants were not children of age under 18 years, were not prisoners or pregnant. This exclusion criteria has been set by the guidelines used to assess the usability of devices. If the participants sign the informed consent form and agree to take part in the research, then these people will be considered as being a part of the study.

Major Usability Attributes

Many technology companies are currently working towards the process of development of a smart watch. As mentioned earlier, a smart watch is fundamentally an extremely small computer that can just be made a part of a wristwatch. As of now, there are three main companies that have released their smart watches. The first one is the Pebble watch, the smart watch produced by Sony, and the iWatch produced by Apple (Schumacher, 2014) (Arthur, 2013). Apart from that Samsung is also one of the top brands that want to become a part of the smart watch production spree, and therefore jump on the bandwagon. The company has confirmed that they will be designing and then releasing a smart watch that will undoubtedly go on to offer rivalry between Samsung and Apple. As for the latest reports, associations have been made between the gadget and the giant search engine Google. Therefore, it can be concluded that the top most tech giants of the technological industry have also started to step in the world of smart watched (Doensen, 2010).

People that are always on a watch out into the tech space are actually quite fascinated about the success and effectiveness of smart watch as to how well it will do with the users and the customers. It will be safe to say that most of the people today make a link of watches with fashion accessory and style, rather than technology. However, the benefits of the technology behind smart watches are beyond just being a watch, as a small computer will become at your instant disposal and into your hand bag or a pocket (Simon, 2013).

However, there are some usability questions that need to be considered particularly when evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of use of the smart watch. Many people ask questions and wonder whether or not the smart watch will flash or beep every time they walk past a shop or a store that is offering some promotional sales or discounts. Some people also wonder whether or not a smart watch will alert the users when they are near a bar or a restaurant that has been recommended by their friends through social media. There is another question that arises in the minds of the people that whether or not the smart watches will be useful for the people that would want to get some health related information after they would attach their watch to their writes when they are working out. There is no doubt about the fact that there are endless possibilities with respect to the functionalities and other uses of the smart watches, but another question that arises here is that whether or not the use of smart watches is actually required in our lives, and whether or not it is legit. Another concern of some of the people that were questioned about the application of smart watches in their lives was that at least a smart phone can be hidden away, however a wristwatch stays on the wrist of an individual throughout the major part of the day.

Even though many people are intrigued with the advent of this technology and about the potential of its functionalities and usage, analysts as well as the users do feel that watch is more like a fashion statement or rather a functional timepiece and that it is actually not a technology device. However, what needs to be discovered is that which of the major technological companies will come to the top once the competition of smart watches begins. As of now, the major producers that seem to be a part of the game are Google, Apple and Samsung.


The response questionnaire was designed in a way that it would help us to achieve the goals, as well as the objectives of the test. The questionnaire was divided into two sections. The questions of the questionnaire were multiple choices, and the participants were asked to choose only one the choices, which they considered to be the most appropriate. The first section of the questionnaire was based on the demographic questions. There were 5 questions in the questionnaire. These questions were about the age, gender, income, marital status and the educational level of the participants. The second section of the question had 8 questions. This was the main part of the research questionnaire with respect to its association with the evaluation of smart watches in comparison with smart phones. In this section, the participants were asked about their use of the smart watches. Apart from that, they were also asked about their level of satisfaction pertaining to the use of smart watches. 2 questions were also asked in order to evaluate or assess the comparison of smart watches and smart phones with respect to their functionality and usage. Basically, the experience of the users with the smart watches was being sought through the questionnaire.

Collection of Information from Participants

After getting the informed consent forms singed by the participants, they were explained about the study as well as the questions that were there in the questionnaire. The participants were told about every question, and the purpose of that question being a part of the research questionnaire. The questionnaires were then distributed among the participants. Since the names of the participants were kept confidential, they were given a serial number. As there were only 3 participants of this usability test, they were given the serial numbers Sr. 1, Sr. 2, and Sr. 3 respectively. The participants were given 20 minutes to fill out the questionnaire. After the participants had filled out the responses, the questionnaires were collected from them. The data was then analyzed using the data analysis tools of a quantitative study.

Summarizing the Results

According to the results of the study and the analysis of the results it can be said that things with smart watches are going in a different direction. Participants, as well as… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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