Smes and Social Networking: Survey Application (Variables Research Paper

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SMEs and Social Networking: Survey Application (Variables & Measures)

Using the research questions as the anchor for developing the variables and measures of the study, the following questions will be asked with specific indications on the question and variable types for each:

Is social media a viable strategy for increasing SME advertising competitiveness that will allow them to compete with large enterprise businesses?

(1) Open-ended question on whether the firm uses marketing strategies or not. Asking this question would determine two things: (a) the kind of marketing strategies currently or popularly used among SMEs, and (b) SMEs' understanding of marketing strategies using the social networking platform. At the analysis level, responses to this open-ended question will be coded and used as categories, to be quantitatively determined and analyzed (using regression analysis) with respondents' responses to perceived/self-reported success rate of the marketing strategy to the business. Alternatively, the researcher could conduct preliminary qualitative interviews to explore different and common marketing strategies used in the social networking platform. These identified strategies could then be used in the survey, in the form of a closed question and the level of measurement, nominal.

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(2) Determination of SME marketing/advertising as a viable strategy for SME competitiveness vs. large enterprise business. Using responses on the reported perceived success of each marketing strategy implemented by the respondent/SMEs, and reported scores on the success rate of each marketing strategy, a regression analysis will be conducted to determine which of the marketing strategies implemented among the SMEs are effective and actually result to or "drive" higher success/competitiveness rates for SMEs.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Smes and Social Networking: Survey Application (Variables Assignment

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