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¶ … conventional wisdom that ciggerette smoking severely affects the health of individuals has permeated American society. However, there has been no rapid decline in ciggerette smoking within the past five years despite tremendous efforts by the national media and government to curb smoking. This problem is especially pravelent among elders, who are shown to be the least likely to quit smoking despite the tremendous health problems that it imposes. Of the top sixteen causes for death among the elderly, eight are related to smoking. Smoking among the elderly is a persistent problem, medical surveys have shown that elderly and disabled medicare patients who smoke say they are "worse physical and mental health than patients who have never smoked." By quiting smoking, numerous problems associated with respiratory disfunctions as well as blood pressure instantly decrease, recent studies have shown that health increases dramatically in just one year after an elderly patient quits smoking. Micha H. Milton of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains that the negative health implications of smoking can be decreased by up to 70% within one year if an individual can commit to completely quitting. The implicit message that all of these medical reports explain is that it is crucial to implement a method to reduce smoking within the elderly. The following assessment will look at affective strategies for eliminating smoking within the elderly and to promote general health consciousness among the elderly.

Term Paper on Smoking in Elderly Assignment

Individuals who continue smoking past the age of 65 are wtice as likely to die at every year of life compared to the non-smoker. Risk factors such as coronary heart disease, other cardiovascular disease, cancer and emphysema are some of the highly likely outcomes of continued smoking among the elderly. Depression is also more frequently among elderly smoker than non-smoking counterparts. The WHO has declared tobacco to be the single most important modifiable factor for the prevention of non-communicable diseases among the elderly. The risk attributed to smoking among the elderly are not limited to the implicit health problems of ciggerette smoking, but have many indirect harms as well. The elderly typically take several medications daily, smoking can interfere with some of these drugs, causing lower serum levels than desired which impairs the effectiveness of some drugs.

There are many different proposed solutions to encourage the elderly to decrease smoking, two of the most popular methodology discussed below are group therapy, and intensive behavorial therapy. Group therapy are commonly offered through volunteer health associations as well as through hospital and other medical arenas. Group therapy allows patients to lean upon each other to quit smoking, the key factor is the sharing of narratives and reasons to quit smoking and as a result, a strong kindred bond among those who are involved within group therapy. Research shows that elderly who take advantage of group therapy for smoking cessation are three times as likely as those who do not to quit smoking. Group therapy is extremely important because it allows individuals to have a support network to create stronger resolve, it also makes smoking cessation a social mechanism that helps them deal with many of the onset problems of addiction such as depression and irritability.

The problem with smoking cessation is that the majority of PCP's seldom advise the elderly to quit smoking. This is because most physicians feel that they do not have the large amount of time it takes to counsel the patient into smoking cessation. They also do not feel qualified to do the counseling themselves. These claims however are not supported by empirical evidence, Among Medicare patients,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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