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After a while, I learned to get used to it. The common disappearances my Dad would make, usually for 30 minutes at a time, to take a drive or take a walk. His quick retreat into the shower when he returned. The faint aroma of tobacco, lingering on his person, in his car, in his jackets and hats. But I never gave these glimpses, these hints, very much thought until I reached middle school. He was my Dad, after all. The man who had taught me right from wrong. The one who said that alcohol, drugs, and tobacco use was wrong, and was best to be avoided.

Even worse, he was a doctor. Of all people, he alone should know just how detrimental cigarette smoke is for a person. How it can erode one's health, and slowly become the most dominant factor in such a person's life, coming between love, and joy and all the specialness of familial ties.

Still, I never said anything. I couldn't. I had never actually see him do it and, despite the obvious signs, it was somehow easier to pretend. To believe the fantasies, that he was all a man could be and that I was his daughter, and that our lives were above and beyond common addiction and his repeated failed attempts to quit. So I never asked him about it, never brought up the subject even though it was always around up. I was scared of the truth.

Then one dya the truth came and wrenched me from my fantasy. My friend called and told me, "I ran into you Dad while he was lighting up. Didn't know he smoked."

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I was crushed. I couldn't believe I could be so disappointed. I felt so many different things, pity for my father, anxiety about his health, embarrassment at having learned in such a manner, and a little angry at his having kept such a vital part of his life from me. I was finally confronted with the ugly truth, and it was painful.

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The rest of that summer I just stewed, silently, not saying anything. I avoided my Dad whenever I could. During the drive back to school to begin my sophomore year in college in 1998, I couldn't get away from him -- nor from the burden that had kept us apart. It was just he and I alone in the car, with the faint trace of cigarette smoke. Despite the smell, the car was always clean. Sometimes, it smelled a little too clean.

With nothing but two hours of open highway in front of us, I told him about my friend's revelation. He didn't seem surprised, and even mentioned that he thought he had seen her that day. His manner was very guarded, and not at all the carefree, loving manner he had shown for the first 19 years of my life. I got him to admit that he smoked at least once a day, and that he had tried to quit numerous times, the first of which was a few weeks after I was born.

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