Snakes Have Been Interesting Term Paper

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However, snakes need special care, partly because they are so unique and partly because their life in captivity is very different than the life they would have had in the wild. Although many pet snakes are bred in captivity, they are still wild animals with the needs of wild animals. In addition, they are predators, and owners should think about how large a predator they are willing to have in their home in, say, ten years. Potential snake owners need to know that if their cute, squirmy reptile turns into a giant predator, few people will want the snake, and zoos typically do not take snakes that have lived as pets.

Snakes in the wild move about from environment to control their body temperature. During the hottest part of the day they will seek shade, and on cool days, they will sit on a rock in the sun, gathering heat from both the sun's rays and the warmed rock. Unfortunately, snakes sold commercially are often shipped without consideration of their special environmental needs, and many die. Responsible owners should ask dealers about how humanely the animals were treated prior to their arrival at the pet shop and avoid shop owners who do not know, so they do not contribute to animal cruelty by accident.

Owners also need to learn about the variety of snake they have and how to care for it. In the wild, a snake that becomes sick and injured becomes part of the food chain, but once a person has taken an animal on as a pet, he or she is responsible for its health and safety. It can be hard to look at a snake and realize from its appearance that it needs medical attention.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Snakes Have Been Interesting to Assignment

Potential snake owners should be especially careful about exotic or rare varieties. The snake may have been poached - illegally taken from its environment. If the snake is rare, it may be hard to find good information about its environment and food needs. Snakes bred in captivity, for instance, can learn to eat dead animals, but wild snakes will only eat prey that is alive. They won't recognize dead animals as food. Exotic snakes may have very specialized environmental needs, and putting such a snake in the wrong kind of cage with the wrong temperature may kill it or leave it chronically sickly, and the owner might never know.

Snakes in the wild may or may not live a long life, but the length of its life will depend on natural forces. Once a person has taken a snake as a pet, he or she is responsible for… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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