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The shelter would do well to contact them or a similar entity to help with Mr. Paladin's case. Indeed, he appears to be in dire need of counseling, conciliation, and education. It would be even better if Molly could attend several such sessions with him to enhance his concept of her as a person rather than a helpless drain on the country's economic system.

The greatest challenge to overcome would be Mr. Paladin's attitude. He has made such a habit of abusing the rights of his tenants that an easy change in his ways would be somewhat unlikely. Indeed, as a final resort, one might need to threaten him with a law suit.

Another barrier is the low quality of housing he provides. Building inspectors would need to be enlisted to ensure that conditions are safe for both Molly and her children. To sweeten the deal for Mr. Paladin, the shelter might offer to hold a fundraiser to help him obtain the funding for improvements to his building.

Another barrier is Molly's relatively low income. It is highly likely that she may not always be able to pay her already low rent. Should this prove to be true, Mr. Paladin is within his rights to evict her. Nevertheless, with gainful employment and financial counseling, it is possible to remedy this situation as well.

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Since the matter is likely to involve only Mr. Paladin and Molly as parties on either side of the case, few client confidentiality issues are expected. Indeed, the legal and social services to be enlisted are bound by their respective ethics to maintain confidentiality. Nevertheless, as their case worker, I will ensure that both Molly and Mr. Paladin are fully aware of their rights to privacy and confidentiality.

I am reluctant to include the local media in any initial steps to the program, until I am quite certain that Mr. Paladin will not change his mind about letting Molly return to her home, even after being employed and receiving counseling regarding child rearing and her finances. Nevertheless, it is an important card that can be played should he still refuse after all conciliatory and contest measures have been made clear to him. It is, however, important to attempt avoiding such a measure, especially in terms of client confidentiality.

Creative Writing on Social Activism the World Today Assignment

Having the attention of the media, however, can be a powerful catalyst towards preventing landlords from unfairly discriminating in similar cases. Especially, Mr. Paladin will be unlikely to discriminate further if he were to feature at the wrong side of a news story.

In terms of advocacy, it is expected that the landlord group will offer some initial resistance to our demands. Nevertheless, conciliatory efforts like providing Molly with gainful employment and helping her to be a better tenant should make a deal somewhat more desirable than taking the whole issue to court.


To determine the success of the projected outcomes, I aim to have regular interviews with both Molly and Mr. Paladin. If both are happy with the arrangements being made on either side, one might consider the outcome of the situation to be successful.


Although I am somewhat saddened that there are so many at-risk, vulnerable populations in the country, I am also encouraged by the existence of laws and entities that can support and assist these populations to maintain a basic sense of dignity in their living situations. Particularly, I am encouraged by the fact that laws exist to prohibit discrimination against vulnerable populations.

In conclusion, it is anticipated that Molly's situation can be resolved by requiring both parties involved to make some positive changes. Molly will be assisted to find gainful employment, while Mr. Paladin will be required to cease his unlawfully discriminating practices. In both cases, it is expected that these changes will benefit both parties. Molly will benefit from a higher income, while Mr. Paladin will gain a better tenant who is able to maintain her household and pay her rent on time.


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