Social Change Plan Program Research Paper

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Social Change Plan

Program of Social Change: A revolutionary academic community


Program of Social Change (PSC)

The primary purpose of Program of Social Change (PSC) is being a healthy, safe and all-encompassing academic community which is rich in recreational, economic and cultural opportunities/activities. Its basic theme will be propelling the social development phase within the university campus.

The Social Development Plan will be created with hands on assistance from the academic staff as well as the community. The documents will shed light on efforts and work of the PSC community with particular regards to Mayor and Council, 2006 and 2008 Social Development Community Workshop participants, Program of Social Change staff and lastly the Social Development Community. The energies will be harnessed for focusing attention on pro-community, pro-individual responsibility, pro-positive self-regard and pro-empowerment solutions amongst the student body for attaining the solutions required. The value of a strong academic community will clearly shown in this document concerning individual commitment. Via individual impetus and joint collaboration action, the plan aims to work and remain relevant for many years to come.

PSC Social Development Plan includes:

A five-year plan which consists of attainable indicators

Four founding principles which will assist in decision making and generate affirmative actions

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Three fundamental values will be added which will support, reinforce and guide the entire community.

Eleven top priority areas for attaining the vision

A framework which will encompass all channels constituting institutional and individual engagements.

The elements of vision

These primary elements will dictate the success in attaining this vision

Ownerships created from grassroots

Community-based work

Shared experience of social attachment

Wide and dynamic appeal

Research Paper on Social Change Plan Program of Assignment

Clear community modesty

Student care which is accessible and dynamic

Leaning throughout life

Ethical responsive community leadership

The values recognized in this plan aim to energize, guide and support the particular ways of an academic community experience. They will be the building blocks of establishing a "secure, healthy and comprehensive community."

There will be three core values which were unavoidable during creating social development plan. It's interwoven inside out:




Notable messages

The purpose of PSC's commitment for sustaining the academic community and student body will be achieved by community stewardship. The aim will be to portray the community stewardship as a very imperative and proactive activity for the academic staff and students for their own betterment. The community stewardship will be etched in the University's Environmental Charter, Cultural Resources Management Plan as well as the Social Development Plan. This Social Development Plan will primarily be based on individual stewardship and the chosen institution of North Carolina University. The community shows dynamism and healthy outlook when individual students contribute and show consistency. Hence, the collective and individual welfare will solely rest with engagement and involvement of the entire academic community members.

A famous African proverb "It takes an entire village to raise a child" holds true here. It is a key note for social development movement. With the Social Development Plan of PSC, the student body at the university will be nurtured and enhanced with connections created; wide ranging communications will remain open to them as well as collective and individual achievements and assets will be recognized and celebrated.


In its intricacy, social development will be termed as viable, constructive and respectful relationships among the institution and the students. The connections will be created to nurture and propel collective and individual growth.


The individual aspiration will be to engage in conversation, dialogue and numerous approaches for sharing information between the institution and the students. That will be directly related to connections. New and varied choices will be made only when people have access to new information. The commitment will be very deeply related with length and breadth of the academic experience.


Celebrating diversity will be a key strength; admitting and appreciating the overall contributions made by the entire student body will ensure dynamism, energize the system and propel the student body participation.

Involving others

The aim of the Social Development Plan will be to work with the students and the academic staff organizations for creating a dynamic academic community. Each and every individual will be responsible for all his actions and work for the community.

Students, academic staff and other participants will be needed to be mentored and guided among their own circles of influence and will be required to point the positive changes clearly standing out after certain amount of time. This will work for the academic staff as well. Social stewardship will be imperative for realizing and understanding how crucial it is to comprehend the importance of one another. The circle of influence will be expanded further which contributes to creating a healthy, safe and viable academic community.

The Social Development Plan will give a crystal clear picture as to how students can work in social stewardship. It will remain analogous to a paint brush with which a desirable academic structure or community will be created.

Choosing individual or institutional action

Taking part in initial priority area sub-committee

Taking part in Social Development Community Workshops

Becoming a representative of Social Development Student Commission

Targets, activities and dates

Social Development Community Workshops

Combining the three core values namely Connect, Communicate and Celebrate and to make sure that Social Development Plan is a mirror image of the needs and demands of the student body, the stewards will be supported through these means:

1: Semiannual 1/2 workshops for sub-committee will be organized commemorating the work done so far, recognizing the need of connections identifications and working with priority areas of concern for students and implementation plans in mind.

2: Annual one day open house Community Workshops will be organized for encouraging social stewardship. This will give the opportunities for commemorating the achievements so far, honoring the progress made collectively, refining prioritized areas again and lastly shaping new policies for meeting the demands and needs of the student body.

Grass root ownership

Student work and investment will favor the giving atmosphere

Students will offer assistance on the road

The resident students will work as ambassadors to visitors to PSC

Public spaces will be nicely used

Music and parties will be the norm in neighborhood

PSC will invest in the youth for a better tomorrow

Families will attend events together as a norm in PSC

People will acknowledge each other on the road

Student body will have diversity and inclusiveness

Public expression will be synonymous with social opportunities

Inclusive Community Based Activity

Children will be a key part of many events and community activities

Parents will always be involved at children's activities centers which include cultural, recreational, school and sports activities.

The public places will be seen full of multi-generation individuals for instance mentors in schools

Families will be allowed to use public places on the campus frequently

Youth will be given a chance to test their mantel in terms of leadership and social development activities held by the student body.

The events and festivals will be jam packed with individuals

Neighboring schools will be engaged in full throttle in such university events as well

The leadership will be diverse (consisting of youth, disabled, seniors, ethnic and leaders)

The student body events will packed with diverse individuals

Diverse individuals will hail from all segments of the community on presentations and public forums

Short-term and long-term change

Shared experiences of social belonging

To attract every genre of ethnicity

Increasing public events

Wider and dynamic appeal

PSC will aim to be sought after hometown development agencies

Priceless memories compel alumni students to return to or continue to work with PSC

Families can live and work

PSC works as a magnet for visitors

PSC has seen exterior participation in numerous events

Audible Community Pride

The heritage properties will be maintained as always. Simultaneously, PSC will contain its own DNA which will be unique in orientation and entirely different. Local heritage and local materials will also be made available here and the work of locally talented artists will be seen frequently. The residents will create lifelike features in their localities. The businesses will be promoted to respect the environment and care for natural spaces. Litter will be cleaned to the point where it is nowhere to be seen. Homes and shops within or around the university will be maintained on a regular basis for promoting a positive outlook.

Monitor, adjust and reflect

Guiding principles will be the indicators that lead to, show the way and points towards the path to Social Development Plan Vision. The four dynamic guiding principles will be vital in recognizing strategies needed for overcoming challenges and completing the designated vision. The actions performed will cater to one of the four guiding principles.

The barriers will be broken for services and social programs. Personal potential and community welfare will be easily comprehended. Social interactions will increase whilst personal potential is unlocked. Community involvement will be boosted and social interactions will also rise. Social planning will form part of community planning process.

Motivated and satisfied families

Change agents will be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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