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There were several societies in the British governed North American, which, though shared some similarities, were widely different in their culture and educational system (Rury, 2005).

Schools were small and they reinforced traditional values. There was numerous informal education that included apprenticeship and literacy circles, which helped to develop essential skills more than schools.

During the 1800s, there were tremendous changes in the American system. State supervised schools evolved that brought in primary schools followed by high schools and universities. A great number of people began entering the school system and stayed for longer period of time.

Industrial society

During the 19th century America faced tremendous social and economic changes where industrial development and urbanization gained prominence. Industrial revolution, that was strong in England, flourished in America and it highly influenced American schools. Due to the increase in economic growth, people began to give more importance to schools (Rury, 2005).

Immigrants began moving to America and the schools incorporated new schemes to include immigrants. The 19th century gave rise to national model system of schooling. However, slavery and inferior attitudes could be seen in schools where the treatment of different races began to take prominence.

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For some of the minority groups, schools became a place to express their issues and a potent vehicle for social mobility and reformation. For others schools were a reminder of failure and frustration. Schools also became an instrument of improvement and opportunity and they began to hope for a better life.

The years between 1890 and 1920 witnessed progress especially in educational reform. Progressive education became the norm and it included a major current of reform propositions and practices. Such a broad reform was also a source of controversy and debate (Rury, 2005).

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By the start of the 20th century industrialization and the rate of urbanization gained more predominance. Business enterprises began to flourish and engulf the society. Millions of new immigrants came into the country to seek jobs in the booming industry. Education system and schools began to incorporate ways to adapt to the growing industrial population. More schools were needed to meet the growing needs of increasing population. Since more money was required to fund supplies and other costs associated with schools, tax funds came into prominence.

Hybrid society

In the late 19th century, bureaucracy was considered important to avoid corruption and political interference. Such standards governed the administration and enabled to decide who was eligible to enter schools and graduate. It also enabled uniform purchasing and provided students a neutral and similar education throughout the country. 'One best system' came into existence that believed that bureaucracy was the ultimate choice for education and schools (Rury, 2005).

Standard measures of testing students' abilities and skills became the norm and as a result, psychometrics gained importance. This view was seen as an accompaniment to social efficiency, differentiation, and the method of preparing students to the demands of economic and social needs.

In recent years technology gained prominence. Children learnt through innovative and creative ways that included computers and other sophisticated technologies. Students gained understanding about the social change and began to develop skills that enhanced social growth. The hybrid society emphasized the need to have a society that encouraged industrialization and agriculture. Such views were incorporated in schools and children learnt through experiences and usage.

American schools have undergone tremendous social change over centuries. Such change was gradual and every social movement in the country has highly contributed to the development of schooling system.


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