Social Changes in the 21st Century Essay

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Social Changes in the 21st Century

What factor(s) do you think will shape and/or determine the major social changes that will occur during the twenty-first century?

In the twentieth century we have perhaps witnessed more social changes than our ancestors had had in the preceding several centuries. Technological developments of the last century have affected our social lives in different ways. Since the pace of technological development is also increasing, it is likely that the changes in the twenty first century will be even more significant. Macionis (2008) defines social change as "the transformation of culture and social institutions over time" (p. 485). He identifies four major characteristics of social changes: they happen all the time, social change may be unplanned but may also be intentional, social change is sometimes controversial, and some social changes are more significant than others. In today's globalized world of mass communications, social changes in one place are likely to take a chain effect of setting up changes in other places as well. Therefore, changes in the twenty-first century will be more sweeping around the world, making the changes too radical for some parts of the world, and will profoundly impact our view of the world.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Social Changes in the 21st Century What Assignment

Most of the changes of the twentieth century were brought about by modernization: industrialization, rise of scientific and empirical inquiry, adoption of the principles of the nation-state by all governing polities in the world, and the development of technology which is leading us to a new era -- postindustrial, postmodern, information-based era. Changes in the twenty-first century are going to take place within the framework of postmodernist thinking. Postmodernity challenges modernist thinking on several grounds. The idea of progress through modernity did not eliminate the most pressing problems of humanity -- problems such as poverty, corruption, wars, slavery, and global inequality. On the contrary, the global inequality has increased in the last several decades and modern means of communication and technology are being utilized for facilitating wars, corruption, and slavery. Therefore, many activists in the twenty first century are going to be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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