Social Concerns Theory Article Critique

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One conceptual framework produced by Yoshikawa, Aber and Beardslee (2012) examines four aspects of poverty and how these relate to the family and the children present in this arrangement. These factors are the main subjects or selection factors, the multidimensional nature of poverty, the mechanisms through which poverty affects children on an individual, relational and institutional level, and the multidimensionality of children's outcomes (Yoshikawa, Aber, & Beardslee, 2012). Of all the types of interventions studied, what showed to be the most effective was grounded on strategies formed by various economist and policy experts and were simply focused on reducing poverty as a solution. Based on multiple research findings, the authors are able to provide evidence that a causal effect between poverty and the negative impact on M-E-B health of children exists.


The theory of Social Concerns or Human Behaviors suggests something of a cause and effect type relationship between the person and their microsystem and well as broader systems that can be considered. The external factors related to a child's development can have a substantial influence on their development as well as be highly correlated with MEB issues later in life. However, children often lack the ability to seek a "goodness of fit" with their family environment during development. Thus the unity between a child and their parental environment is generally fairly static until the child reaches adult age.

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This is an important developmental period as well because the environment has actual been shown to influence genetics and therefore the interactions a child has during development can have a lasting effect has indicate by several studies which adds credence to the perspective of viewing a family as a system. Although people have the capacity to change, the intimacy of the microsystem can have substantial effects on development and even their physiology. One question that remains is one that has plagued philosophers and researchers for centuries, where does free will come into play? Or does it?

Article Critique on Social Concerns Theory to Social Assignment

Another interesting aspect of this work is how it can be applied to public health strategies to help mitigate negative effects on child development. Increasing evidence suggests that public health and health-promotion interventions that are based on social and behavioral science theories are more effective than those lacking a theoretical base (Glanz & Bishop, 2010). Obviously reducing poverty completely may not have sufficient political will in the current state of society. However, there are definitely opportunities for different health-promotion strategies based on evidence that could make societal improvements in the short-term. Therefore, from the perspective of the individual who is in need of assistance, any intervention that would help support them from outside their immediate microsystem could make a big difference in their quality of life as well as improve society on the whole.

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Yoshikawa, H., Aber, J., & Beardslee, W. (2012). The Effects of Poverty on… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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