Social Control Theory of Juvenile Term Paper

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Rather, the potential weaknesses in Hirschi's theory might be that they fail to account for other factors that might be significant in contributing to the development of the individual in terms of his or her relationship to society. Possible counterexamples to Hirschi's theory would include deviant behavior, juvenile delinquency, and criminality among individuals who exhibit high levels of all of the specific elements of connectedness described by Hirschi. In that regard, one would have to consider the proverbial straight -- A student or "model citizen" who is discovered to be leading a double life as a criminal or who suddenly perpetrates crimes that would have seemed completely out of character and that completely contradict the apparent connectedness of the individual to society and community.

Therefore, the fact that highly connected individuals do sometimes develop deviant, juvenile delinquent, and criminal behavior patterns does suggest strongly that even if Hirschi's Social Control Theory is valid, it is incomplete as an explanation for those types of behaviors. Other possible weaknesses include the fact that Hirschi's theory obviously does not apply where other causes are definitively identified, such as disadvantaged social position of families (Button, 2008) and environmental influences of deviant role models in the immediate community (Pinizzotto, Davis, & Miller, 2007).

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Social Control Theory of Juvenile Assignment

Notwithstanding the possibility that Hirschi's Social Control Theory may not necessarily provide a comprehensive explanation for all instances or pathways to the development of deviance, juvenile delinquency, and criminality in individuals, it likely suggests meaningful relationships between the elements of connectedness he outlined and those behaviors. The social policy implications from Hirschi's theory would be that one of the important strategies to reducing the development of unwanted behaviors in individuals would be to develop programs and methods of enhancing social connectedness along the four channels described by Social Control Theory. Specifically, early education and all public education should promote the development of good relationships between students and their families; they should provide maximum opportunities for the individual to develop interests in shared activities and interests in the community; and they should strive to intervene as early as possible whenever any aspect of apparent non-connectedness is observed in individuals.


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