Social Effects of Flexible Opening Closing of Pubs Nightclub Hours in the UK Term Paper

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Social effects of Flexible opening/closing of pubs/Nightclub hours in the U.K

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Conventionally, nightlife and entertainment which is popular in the United Kingdom have been principally observed from the point-of-view that they generate difficult social forms that necessitate restraint by means of expanded police control and laws. Irrespective of the fact that it has scarcely been the concern of blunt suppression, nightlife has been regulated by means of a complicated system of taxation, control on availability as well as opening times, health along with safety, tort law in consonance with police surveillance and interference. Such varied forms of control normally evolve in an informal manner and with regard to varying social considerations, spanning from the hazards of intoxication, urban popular entertainment as well as social order and settings of health along with safety. What is apparent through the recent history is that nightlife has been a remarkable issue of official concern or ethical threats even though such concerns vary during each decade. Nightlife has been seen as an uncomfortable concern within a culture based on wage-labor as well as the family, irrespective of the implications of the 24-hour society, and accordingly it is not astonishing to note that it could induce anything from threats with regard to unusual and unhealthy lifestyles to that of complaints of noise. Expressed in simple terms in a culture influenced by the disciplinary and ethical impacts of work, kinds of behavior, that as a result of the mode in that they are being organized, prevail out of these structures, both innovative in cultural terms and are appear to be as difficult by respectable view. (Talbot, 2006, p. 160)

Term Paper on Social Effects of Flexible Opening Closing of Pubs Nightclub Hours in the UK Assignment

The 2003 Licensing Act but discarded regulations on the availability of alcohol from the bars as well as pubs, stretching the drinking time even after 11 pm. The Government expected that this would give rise to the English imparting a more relaxed attitude towards drinking, and cause a decline in the incidents of assaults, drunkenness, as well as anti-social attitude which is mostly viewed after the closing time of 11 pm. (Goodacre, 2005, p. 682) the Act reflects that the fixed as well as the artificial times of early closing are a crucial reason of disorder as well as hindrance wherein huge amounts of clients are necessitated to leave the pub and club venues at the same time. But the extended closing times would only cater to substitute the present levels of disorder as well as hindrance with a plethora of small levels. Thus the normal norm ought to be to safeguard later hours of opening so that clients would leave at their will for natural causes. Such modifications are also considered good for the economy, paving the way to new as well as more divergent markets. (Luty, 2005, p. 401)

Certain local councilors have indicated that pubs as well as nightclubs be liable for the misconduct as also ill health of their drunk customers. In fact these centers could even be charged for excessive policing, cleaning of street as well as late-night transportation. But the Licensing Act of 2003 tries to dissuade these abuses of power. To illustrate, the public safety goals of licensing are related to the physical safety of persons making use of the concerned centers of drinking and not with regard to public health. Moreover, situations with regard to public nuisance resulted by clients once they are much over the regulations of the license holder, [far from the boundary of the venues] cannot be substantiated. Therefore, noise from clients in the areas far from the venues cannot be considered by the police while thinking of a temporary closing of the centers of drinking, while the license holders ought to be safeguarded from recurring, frivolous or vexation allegations. The Act entails a free rein to pubs as well as nightclubs that has given rise to strong articulations against the Act. (Luty, 2005, p. 401)

The presumption that permitting people to take alcohol all over the night will decline the amount of alcohol abuse as well as of crime and the hazards was remarkably unsustainable. The local environmental quality as also anti-social attitude concerns coming out from the night time economy incorporate the disorders like "noise; fly-posting; commercial waste, litter; vomit; urine; vandalism; as well as threat of crime as also violence." (Lords Hansard text, 2005) 24 hours licensing has been unsuccessful in curtailing the country's culture of binge-drinking and its influence presently spans lately into the night. (Johnston, 2006, p.6) the police as also medical examiners repeated their anxieties over the speculations of liberalized forms of drinking. (Travis; Muir; Cowan, 2005, p.4) the police chiefs indicate that permission of longer hours of drinking cannot be taken to be more civilized forms of drinking. According to them, belated opening times would not induce a Mediterranean-form of moderate drinking culture and it is just 'wishful thinking'. (Judges warn of 24-hour drinking lunacy, 2007) Senior police officers as well as judges have been cynical of the Act and have signaled of enhancing rates of alcohol associated crime as also violence. (Goodacre, 2005, p. 682). They are of the conception that the encounters over the last decade have evidenced that there is a strong linkage among the enhancement in disorder as also the outburst of venues having late-night facilities. (Judges warn of 24-hour drinking lunacy, 2007) the chairman of the Police Federation, Jan Berry indicated there are already several individuals being tanked up prior to their departure for a pub or club and several venues providing alcohol to persons who are being already drunk. (Travis; Muir; Cowan, 2005, p.4)

An outburst of new youth-related pubs over-focused in city centers has given rise to over-drunk youths terrorizing the city streets, and to the reduction of the conventional pubs of U.K, which are the foundations of local societies. (Neame, 2003, p.28) a remarkable amount of young drinkers were more prone to go out late in the night and stay out till late hours. (Johnston, 2006, p.6) One among the largest issues is that the teenagers in U.K are among the huge drinkers of Europe. The latest statistics of the government infers that about 44% of 18-24 years old persons binge drink during at least once in a month. Even more shocking are the social as well as economic detriments resulting due to binge drinking. (Lords Hansard text, 2005) as a result of binge drinking late into the nights, young people have great difficulty in attending schools, colleges and even doing jobs at their workplaces. This is because late night drinking reveals the risk of having to start off work at schools, colleges or at workplaces with hazardous levels of blood alcohol. Also there are high levels of accidents which occur during the morning hours and during the beginning of night shifts when being compared to other hours. (Ghodse, 2005, p. 113)

While considering the Licensing Act in 2003 by Lords, several peers accorded graphic descriptions of the increasing violence as also social disorder prevailing all over the UK as a result of the binge drinking. A couple of years later, the condition have become much worse. In the year 2004 there has been a 15% national hike in violent crimes dedicated in relation to licensed venues. There are severe health costs also. (Lords Hansard text, 2005) Apparently, 5% of the UK population is dependent on the alcohol and 8 million drink beyond the suggested limits. (Luty, 2005, p. 401) in England as well as in Wales there was an increment by 18.4% in alcohol associated fatalities in the year 2004. (Lords Hansard text, 2005) Official statistics available from the Alcohol Misuse Enforcement Campaign visualize a 64% increment in the average amount of alcohol associated crimes addressed by the police every day from the earlier campaign held in November 2005. (Johnston, 2006, p.6)

There has also been a remarkable enhancement in 'stranger crime' that might be associated with the progress of the night hour economy in several UK towns as also cities. (Loveday, 2005, p. 28) Police as also doctors have to deal with the city centre crime victims even into the small hours. Doctors who have to address the adversaries of massive drinking indicated the amount of victims undergoing a&E units had not reduced, however they have presently increased during the night. The 2003 laws have enhanced the workload, for the casualty centers as well as for the ambulance services. Moreover, about an additional £5 million has been utilized for flashpoint policing from November, 2005 to November, 2006. The Southampton police indicated that police officials presently have to entail protection much later. During the past they would operate in shifts from 5pm-3am however, they are now operating from 5pm-5am. (Johnston, 2006, p.6)

There is considerable indication that controlling the accessibility and supply could be an efficient mode in dissuading alcohol misuse. One is required to only perceive the global situation to visualize that Government is leading us towards a wrong road. Prolonged licensing hours in Canada, Ireland, Western Australia and Iceland… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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