Social Interaction With People it Is Important Essay

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¶ … social interaction with people it is important to understand who is who in any group or team. As we observe different people in different positions to determine their interaction with each other we can clearly determine who the leader of a group is, who the person most others go to is, and who the person to whom nobody relates to is. In other words, we can determine the stability and security of any social group. This is a very important step in building groups in a matrix organization and ensures that these groups are successful and efficient. It is also important to determine which function will be assigned to which person to ensure the groups success, and which person can communicate the goal and objectives of the organization the best to inside and outside members.

As we draw a sociogram we can determine who the leader of the group will be. Each person, if asked to identify his/her primary association, will eventually identify one person to which they believe all lines will connect. This person will soon be emerging as the leader of the group and group members will definitely follow such person and support that person's decision. It is not always clear to understand why a person chooses some other person to take charge of the group and the group assignments, yet if we follow around the group and overlay these diagrams we can determine to which most of the members of that group feel connected to and will work with in the most successful way.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Social Interaction With People it Is Important Assignment

As we know the leader is not always the most popular person in a group, yet we can also determine which person is seen as most popular by the group. This can be shown be the effects that each person always will connect him/her self to one person in that group. Furthermore, we can than also identify the direction of information flow. Since popular people will most likely be the once where most member go to for any kind of information or the desire to talk or discuss important issues. Each group will work in the same dynamics as they build and expand. Popularity is very important to group dynamics since it give the group a more relaxed atmosphere and lead to a better understanding of each other. Leaders do not need to be the most popular person, yet they can have these position combined with their role.

As we go on and determine the weak points in a group we can determine the person to which no one draws and interactivity line, but more a line for necessary information flow. These are the people which are not well accepted by the group, yet maybe… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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