Social Justice Term Paper

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Social Justice

Over the last several years, the issue of social justice has been increasingly brought to the forefront. Part of the reason for this, is the increased awareness of this issue among the various members of the international community. As a result, this has led to a greater emphasis on addressing the needs of those who are often left out in society. Yet, in many ways various social injustices have been occurring, with Hayek saying, "The conception of justice had developed with respect of the conduct of individuals towards one another. Social justice (or sometimes economic justice) came to be regarded as an attribute which the actions of society or the treatment of individuals and groups by society ought to possess."

To fully understand the overall effects of social injustice requires that you compare some of the different ideas presented by Hayek in the readings, with two blogs that address these issues (Action Aid and ICTUR). This will highlight how and in what ways the various issues of social justice are being addressed around the world.

Action Aid

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Action Aid is dedicated to fighting poverty and injustice around the world. Established in 1972, this organization is helping out 13 million people and is currently operating in over 30 countries. The main objective of this organization is to work with different partners on the local / national / international level. At which point, they are bringing to the forefront various social injustices that are occurring. For example, this organization is currently involved with a variety of local / national / international organizations to include: those who are fighting for economic equality and HIV / AIDS related issues.

Together, these two areas encompass a part of the overall scope of this organization, as they are constantly seeking out ways to address various issues of social injustice around the world.

Term Paper on Social Justice Assignment

The actions taken to keep consistently bringing these issues to the forefront are: through use of various blogs that cover a wide variety of subjects. For example, one blog talks about the current political situation in the UK, where Gordon Brown is facing a tough Parliamentary election. The different blogs will post various calls to action such as: contacting your local politicians and discussing your problems, with the various social injustices that are occurring. Using the above example, one of the blogs claims how neither one of the political parties are cleaning up the mess of the financial meltdown. Where, the various politicians are unwilling to take on the big bankers by having a "Robin Hood" tax. As a result, readers are urged to contact their local Members of Parliament, to express their displeasure that such injustices are continuing to occur.

In general, Action Aid uses the mainstream media to present a variety of different ideas. These are used to help provide another viewpoint as to what is occurring on a particular issue. The media on all of the different blogs is used to impress upon the reader, how various issues of social injustice are occurring. Where, they will take a news event and then tie the event in with the views from the different bloggers. A good example of this can be seen, with a recent post on the Moscow subway bombing, where the blogger was able to take a mainstream media story and tie it in with fear. The fear that is expressed is associated the conflict Chechnya, making people feel less secure. This is a social injustice as everyone is attempting to readjust their lives because of these events that occurred.

The overall language that is used to convey this is active voice in English. This is designed to cause the readers to take some kind of action, as to what is occurring.

Action Aid is geared towards the stake seeker. This is because they are raising awareness of various social injustices, which requires constantly attracting the attention of the electorate. There various aspects that are geared towards different groups within society such as: the various blog posts on HIV / AIDS related issues and sexual violence against women. The news media is a stakeholder that can be separated from others, where the overall stories that are reported will determine: ratings, hits to the website or newspaper sales. In this aspect, the news media is a stake holder because they benefit by reporting stories that will attract the largest interest, which will generate the greatest revenues. There are places, where the public can post comments and have discussions about a recent blog post or news story. The organizations do refer to each others, by giving the proper accreditation, such as bi lines and various excerpts used in the different blog posts. The web site is easy to navigate and the information is easy to find. This is because there are various links to the different stories of interest and the past articles that have been posted. The site is effective at achieving its objective which is: to inform the general public about the various issues of injustice that are occurring; and providing the reader with ideas to help make a difference.


The ICTUR is: concerned with issues concerning labor / economic equality. These different issues are brought to the forefront, through various blogs and quarterly publication that they send out to subscribers.

The news media is not used by this kind of blogs. Instead, a series of reporters / writers will write various articles, which will talk about how these issues could be affecting labor and labor unions. A good example of this can be seen, by looking no further than an article that was written on what is occurring in Gibraltar. Where, there are number of issues that are affecting the Moroccan workers / labor unions such as: lack of quality / affordable housing and denial of self-determination.

In many ways this is focusing on social injustice, with an emphasis on its effect on labor / labor unions. The language that is used is: mainly a monotone type of voice, as English is main language utilized.

The ICTUR is geared towards both the stakeholder and the stake seeker. The different aspects are focused on those who are ordinary laborers and members of labor unions. There is no place where the public can contribute or leave various opinions about what they are reading. The website / blog does not refer to the different news organizations. The site is easy to navigate, as you can quickly see the different articles of interest on the home page. Overall the website is informing laborers / labor unions as to what issues are taking place around the globe, which could have an impact upon their lives. In this aspect, it is achieving its intended objectives by providing the public with information.

Action Aid vs. ICTUR

Both blogs / websites inform the general public about various issues of inequality that are occurring. This fits in line with Hayek's views on social justice, where the individual is seeking to conduct themselves in manner that will respect the morals of society. Yet, as a part of society, various injustices will occur as values, morals and the overall economic system will play a major role in determining if such situations are relevant. In both blogs / websites, they are seeking to address these issues of injustice by informing the general public, about what is occurring. Action Aid is more focused on addressing the overall big picture is of social injustice, where they are interested in all instances that are occurring around the world. As a result, their overall focus on the different issues will depend upon the organizations that they are working with. While, ICTUR is dedicated to addressing economic / social injustices that are occurring to laborers and those who are members of labor unions. This is a much more focused message and issue that ICTUR is interested in compared to Action Aid. Therefore, both Action Aid and ICTUR are highlighting a basic idea that was presented by Hayek in the readings, which are the overall values of people are never ending. Where, everyone is constantly seeking out social justice, liberty, equal opportunity for all and solidarity / responsibilities. In many ways, one can argue that the values that Hayek talks about, are reflected in the articles and the missions of both blogs / websites.

Clearly, Hayek's observations on social injustice are correct. Where, issues of: politics, economics, equality and human rights are playing a major role in creating the vast differences within societies around the globe. To address these various issues both Action Aid and the ICTUR are dedicated to addressing these different injustices that are occurring. This is accomplished through the use of various blogs / journals. In the case of Action Aid, they are focused on addressing the various issues of injustices that occur around the world, regardless of what they may be. Where, they will use the general news media to talk about an issue, then through an active voice they… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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