Marketing Plan: Social Media Marketing Importance

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[. . .] The Starbucks provides the original experience and feeling to its customers and that's the reason why its clients circle is increasing day by day.

Recently, Starbucks and Foursquare teamed up with RED, the non-profit organization and started a campaign to fight against AIDS. Other big companies like Coca-Cola and Gap also contributed with RED. This year in June, the Starbucks also offered its clients to donate the organization by just checking in to Foursquare and donate $1 to Global Fund. Though, in actual the company itself pays for the charity however the higher website traffic improves the sales of the company. This campaign not only provides benefit to the non-profit organization but it also helps the company in developing brand awareness, fair image among the customers and higher sales. This campaign is yet another best example of social media marketing. (Makker, 2012)

My Starbucks Idea

My Starbucks idea campaign aims to provide freedom to its customers to share their feelings and experiences at Starbucks. The campaign lets the company get aware of its weaknesses and strengths. The company can go through the comments by the clients and improve the coffee quality and anything that requires improvement. Moreover, the Starbucks value the opinion of customers and offers what they need therefore it has enabled customer comments.

Starbucks manages social media so well that it has now achieved the top position among all top companies. As according to statistics, Starbucks has 7,418,108 fans on Facebook, 901,925 followers on Twitter, 6,509 subscribers on YouTube and has fame count of 69.7%. (Hitz, 2011)

Another advantage that the company receives through My Starbucks Idea is that the company freely receives number of business ideas. Moreover, the company experience customer engagement and brand awareness. The company also acknowledges its customers if their ideas are impressive and even they are implemented if the management approves it.

Messaging and Branding Content

My Starbucks Idea is basically an extension of the original website and is simple to understand and use. Anyone can access the page and leave comments about its experience at Starbucks and suggest a better idea in his or her point-of-view. The websites applies 5 objectives to social media that are listening, energizing, talking, supporting and embracing. The Starbucks Idea listens to the customers that what they want at the store, talks by posting on the page that on what projects and ideas the team is working on, energize the customers by allowing them to comment on the campaign ideas and discuss on the issues, support every customer by allowing to vote on each other idea and comments and lastly Starbucks embrace its customers by asking them what they want and implementing their ideas. (Julmos, 2012)

Starbucks has almost quit traditional ways of marketing that are billboards, ad space, newspaper and posters but now mainly focuses only on social media marketing. This means of marketing perfectly matches with the company's concept and goals.

Starbucks also introduces different campaigns for specific area in order to focus on particular need of customers. For example, if at some location the sales are going down then the company would start an advantageous campaign for the customers so that to attract them. The Starbucks Idea also collects information about the specific area's customers and act on their feedback.

The Starbucks Idea campaign is originally known as the crowd-sourcing. This method of social media marketing is now been implemented by majority of the companies since it results in great profits. This marketing campaign suggests companies to keep its customers happy by careful listening to their views and value their feedback. Frito Lays also tried the same strategy during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 by inquiring the customers to give their feedback regarding new flavors of chips. They received thousands of ideas; however the company chose 6 of them and launched the flavor as according to their taste. Similarly, Starbucks collects third party or the customers' views regarding the new product development and improvement. Whenever the local manager of the Starbucks store wants to introduce something new or bring improvements then he/she asks the customers about their opinion over the web page. The managers also organize voting and discussions to know better about the customers' need and demand.

Starbucks Metrics

Social media metrics allows the businesses to grow knowledge and business and thus improve the results and profits; moreover the companies may carry out batch test small initiatives when up to launch a new product or service. This testing usually stagger releases on social media sites and concentrate influencer sharing thus saving time, money and reducing the risk of failure.

Starbucks uses demographic and listening metrics through its website, twitter engagement, gold card rewards program and Facebook page to optimize the performance. Starbucks is also applying metrics at number of social media platforms and other programs so that to satisfy its customers in terms of rewards, products, quality deals and promotions for its loyal as well as potential customers.

Starbucks uses several landing pages and websites to attract and engage online customers through white label and My Starbucks Idea social networking sites. The company also uses promoted tweets, tabs, trends and hash tags so that to drive maximum website traffics and thus increase sales.

Contingency Planning

The use of social media metrics, tools and social networking sites have already increased the sales of Starbucks in the first quarter of year 2011 by 7% and still the expectations are higher. The level of risk is lower in case of Starbucks marketing campaigns since the plan is developed or improved considering the needs and demands of the customers. Moreover, the constant feedback makes company experienced of customers' choice. However, still if the developed product or service fails to make profits as expected then the local manager would raise a question or a poll at the social sites, My Starbucks Idea and White Label that how they can improve the particular product. This will lead to thousands of ideas and the company can easily choose the best option. Currently, the community site is doing a great job by facilitating 3 million visitors and keeping a record of 60,000 ideas from customers. (Poston)


Since, The Starbucks Idea social networking site doesn't require many resources to invest in but the working team must be highly responsible. Running the community websites only requires the team of management experts and customer support representatives who can provide instant response to the customers' complaints or feedback. Moreover, the company must hire technology expert so that to handle any issue occurring with the page. This campaign cost much less than the traditional means of marketing and data collection for launching a new product. Moreover, the risk of failure has been highly reduced.

Future Campaign Plans

Since the Starbucks Idea keeps the management team up-to-date regarding the demands and needs of the customers so the company doesn't require investing large amount on surveys and data collection. The content is of core importance for any company and if it succeeds to gather right information then devising the future campaigns doesn't remain a big challenge.

The local manager just needs to start a poll and gets the feedback on the Starbucks Idea. Therefore, if the management team maintains the standard of the community site and further improves the outlook of the page then it would not be a problem in future as well to introduce any new product or service.


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