Social Order and Inequalities Essay

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Expression of masculinity has been linked to ideas regarding work and citizenship. Some of the patriarchal states have been involved in scaling and clawing back their social policies relative to the women's disadvantage. Therefore women remain to face resistance into meaningful positions of power within administrations, institutions, as well as in the political system and communities.

Social class between ethnic groups in a society has brought racial inequality. It comes in different ways such as because of the individual's place of origin or culture, skin color and other physical characteristics. Unequal opportunities and treatment between racial formations tend to be the reasons why some ethnic groups feel that they are superior to the rest of the people. Since Jane is from lower social class she has faced discrimination in hiring practices on job sites. When she presented her papers in some of the job sites, despite her same qualification like the rest of the candidates other candidates could be hired basically on the grounds of ethnic affiliation.

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Some of such discrimination arise from stereotypes that comes about when people form assumptions over the statuses of a given racial groups, as well as ethnic groups, basically derived from assumptions about moral failings, cognitive capabilities, and biology. Such unacknowledged attributions afterwards reach the society via mediums like television, internet, and newspaper. These media have always played a negative role in promoting these preconceived notions of racism that has ever marginalized group of people.


Ideas, beliefs, values, norms, roles, statuses, organizations and social class tend to be largely associated with the activities of people either positively or negatively. Women have been impacted with them in one way or the other.


TOPIC: Essay on Social Order and Inequalities Social Assignment

Ethnic groups: are categories based on common language, homeland, shared ancestry, or cultural heritage, as well as some other aspects like physical appearance, dressing style, mythology, religion among others.

Institutional discriminations: are injustice that have been incorporated into the working, structures, and dealings of institutions

Racial formations: are the process by which forces based on the social, economic and political systems are used to determine the content and importance of racial categories thereafter shaped by racial meanings.

Racism: is a practices and actions that reflects the belief that humanity is divided into distinct biological groups known as races and that individuals from one race tend to share some attributes which make that group as a whole more desirable, less desirable, superior, or inferior.

Stereotypes: are thoughts that are adopted about or particular ways of doing things, or specific types of individuals; however that belief may or may not reflect reality accurately. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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