Social Policy Human Services Term Paper

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114). Also, there were issues concerning service coordination that were not expected either (p. 114). As we can see, looking into the future and predicting what some problems may present themselves is a difficult thing to do. Sometimes projects take time to even be introduced and they may take even more years to get to a point of healthy functioning after implementation. This can be a great limitation.

Furthermore, from my own experience working in human services, we have to be aware of the fact that certainly not all social policies -- once implemented -- are in favor of the welfare of individuals. There are certain policies that once implemented can actually chip away at human capabilities. Social policies will be implemented at times even though they make have negative aspects to them that perhaps were not seen in the policy-making process. A good example of this can be witnessed in our criminal justice social policies. For example, when social policies are made in our criminal justice system, we have to think about the implications for both sides -- the criminals and the victims of crimes.

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As a person who works in the human services field, I have a special interest in social policy and how it relates to poverty. I find in working in human services that many individuals think that poverty is a problem of values, which is something that Zuberi also points out in his book Differences That Matter: Social Policy and the Working Poor in the United States and Canada (2006). It is a way of blaming the victim for their being poor when it make it a values issues as opposed to a social one. The issues related to social exclusion are of my primary concern and they are directly related to economic status and solvency. Lightman (2003) states, "Economic security is not an end in itself but part of the achievement of a greater sense of well-being, active participation or common membership of our society" (p. 56) and I think this is a very important point to make. In considering all of this, it is important to bring the whole of society into analysis and not just the poor people.


Term Paper on Social Policy Human Services Making Assignment

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