Social Problems Accuracy of the Uniform Crime Term Paper

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Social Problems

Accuracy of the Uniform Crime Reports

The accuracy of the data of the Uniform Crime Reports is criticized on a number of grounds. Firstly, the mentioned reports only report about the crimes that are in the knowledge of the police. This is for the reason that a majority of victims are hesitant in reporting any bad incident to the law enforcement agencies that ally with the UCR. Thus, the non-reporting on the part of victims creates a wide gap between the genuine committed crimes and those known to the police. This dark figure of crime makes it impossible for the UCR to be considered as a reliable source of data. Secondly, only the most serious kinds of crimes are reported by the UCR. In simple words, a hierarchy rule is followed by the UCR if an incident consists of a number of different offenses. This hierarchy rule is known to have a great effect on comparisons with international crime rate as other countries follow a different hierarchy rule. Thirdly, not all data that is relevant is collected by UCR. Only the homicide cases are considered for the collection of crime details concerning the victims, the wrongdoers and the unfortunate events. Fourthly, criminality is not discussed much in the UCR. Instead, these reports have more focus on the behavior of the police. In some cases, the reports submitted to FBI are being falsified by the law enforcement agencies. In addition, sometimes the reports are not completed by the police officers (Regoli & Hewitt, 2010).

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Thus, all these facts about the Uniform Crime Reports make them inaccurate in a way or another. However, the Uniform Crime Reports are still continuously used in the United States of America as the major source of estimating the nature and level of criminal behavior (Regoli & Hewitt, 2010).

Who is likely to commit crime?

Term Paper on Social Problems Accuracy of the Uniform Crime Assignment

There is no accurate detecting method that tells the law enforcement agencies that who is going to commit a crime or when. However, considering the majority of the offensive incidents, assumptions are made about likability of the commitment of crime. The peak ages of criminal activity are 14-21 which means that young people are more likable to commit crimes especially those who live in urban areas as they are provided with various opportunities to do so. However, young people who belong to the working class have fewer opportunities to involve in unlawful activities as they are more involved in their studies and part time jobs. On the other hand, the working class youth that is not paid well are likely to demonstrate offensive and illicit behaviors. Young people commit crimes in a large number as majority of them are adventurous, excitement-seekers and need money (Rothman, Dunlop & Entzel, 2004).

It is also important to mention here that males are more involved in committing crimes as compared to the opposite sex. This is because in majority of cases, women are not given much freedom so they have fewer opportunities to go outside and involve themselves in illegal activities. Young people may also involve themselves in violent crimes especially in situations where alcoholic usage, drugs etc. are involved. If truth be told, young people are likely to commit more crimes as compared to adults because they are often found in environments that contribute in instigating offensive behavior such as clubbing, drinking in public etc. This also means that alcohol users are more likely to commit crimes as compared to the non-alcoholics (Rothman, Dunlop & Entzel, 2004). As far as elderly are concerned, they are neither usually the victims nor the offenders.

Prostitution -- Reasons of Existence and Difficulty in Eradication

There are four major factors which are very crucial in order to explain Prostitution: the demand, the groups of people who wish to gain economic benefits, and the sexual abuse of women. The leading reason is that there is a high demand for it in almost every society. If there would have been no clients, then there will be no prostitution. With the absence of the demand, there cannot be any supply. In addition, the men of our society think that it is justified to pay women for their sexual needs and this turns to be the biggest reason of prostitution. The economic interests are at stake because of the presence of prostitution. In some of the Asian countries, sexual tourism is considered to be the economic sector which generates handsome income and several jobs as well. There are states which are increasingly paying attention to the income from the business of prostitution. Women in the world are poorer than men. It is a fact that there is a direct relation between the economic status of the women and their possible involvement in prostitution. Some women are forced into prostitution because of several factors. Some of the factors are low level of education, fewer jobs for females, or if there are jobs there are not adequate salaries and unemployment. Absence of a social security net is also a contributor to this problem on the whole (Pilon, 2002).

Prostitution is considered as one of the oldest professions in the world. In those remote times, prostitution was a well-established and totally organized profession. It has been widely tolerated from centuries as a necessary evil and at some extent as an amorous sport. The discussion over this subject is very often considered taboo and the subject is widely avoided in discussions. In simple words, the society itself does not want to eradicate this evil as it has turned out to be a money-making business for millions of people.

Discrimination against Lesbians and Gay Men

In the contemporary society, lesbians and gays and their legal rights are a hot topic that sometimes turns out to be exceedingly controversial. As far as my view is concerned, I think that the Discrimination against homosexuals must be made illegal. It is necessary to understand by the society that every individual has his/her own choice to live according to his/her wills and wishes. Therefore, discriminating others on the basis of their sexual orientations is ridiculous. Controversies over gays and lesbians have proven very harmful and genuinely conflict-ridden for a number of communities as this issue has torn apart them severely. Even the political parties are extremely segregated about this issue. Above all, the discriminations are made by the churches. However, there is a dire need to solve this issue in communities that are being paralyzed be debating over the acceptance of homosexuals. Gays and lesbians are not accepted a part of the society which is highly differentiating. It is the need of the time that communities and churches discover new ways to recognize, acknowledge and accept the presence of gays and lesbians in the societal structures, rule and approaches ("Legal Equality: A Public Justice Response to Discrimination Against Gays and Lesbians," 2004).

The beliefs and values of the gays and lesbians are to be respected and they must be accepted as the members of the society along with their unique rights and responsibilities. It is a crystal clear fact that people must not be allowed to discriminate someone on the basis of his/her sexual orientation. It is also entirely incorrect to be in opposition to the officially-authorized protection for homosexuals. To cut a long story short, every human being including gays and lesbians, have the legal right and liberty to live according to their own choices in whichever way they want. Homosexuals must not be treated different no matter how agreeable or disagreeable their religious or ideological views and/or lifestyles are ("Legal Equality: A Public Justice Response to Discrimination against Gays and Lesbians," 2004).

The Effects Of Alcohol On The Individual And Society As A Social Problem

Alcohol is linked with many harmful consequences for the individual who consumes it, the individual's immediate environment and for the society as a whole. Traffic accidents, problems related to work-place, domestic violence, family issues and interpersonal violence have been under the attention for researchers and for the public in recent years. The research indicates that there is a growing interest in much broader concept of the consequences which are related to the consumption of alcohol. Social consequences however affect the individuals other than the drinker. Traffic accident casualties, failure to fulfill social role obligations and incidents of violence within the family are some examples. Drinking alcohol can damage a person's performance as a parent and a partner as well. As the husband and the wife have to contribute to the proper functioning of the household. Drinking can have lasting effects on the partners and the children, through the potential home accidents and the chances of violence within partners. The social and economic costs cover the negatives of the consumption of alcohol on the material welfare as a whole of the society. The social and economic costs cover both direct and indirect cost. The poor particularly may have severe economic consequences for the consumption of alcohol. The individual may face several other economic problems… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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