Social Psychology One Point Research Paper

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The current event is that the Chilean judges, who held office during Pinochet's brutal reign, came forward and apologized. Judges during Pinochet's rule, who had to have played a part in Pinochet's grip on power, publically apologized. They apologized publically to the victims during this military rule around the 40th anniversary of the coup that occurred in 1973 and brought nearly two decades of corruption and brutality to the Chilean people. No specific judge was quoted as the press statement was meant to reflect the words of all the judges coming forward to apologize. We may consider the judges as a body or group, distinctive from other public officials who came forward. In that sense, their actions and statements are individual.

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This current event as an example could be a reflection of a change in social motives or the acquisition of new social motives. Or perhaps the social motives remained the same, but because time passed (forty years), then their perspectives on their social motives changed. For example, the social motives to cooperate and conform. In the 1970s, the judges may have felt the social motives to cooperate with Pinochet and conform to his changes. In the 2010s, the social motive to conform and cooperate may still be present, but the judges changed with whom they would like to cooperate with and to what standards they will conform. We live in a time when many people around the world are coming forward against the crimes of their governments and no longer remaining complicit in their participation in those crimes. We also live in a time where there is a lot of political and social violence between the people and government officials. The violence is brutal, and though the people suffer the worst of the injuries, those they fight do not always come away unscathed. Corrupt officials are going to prison, are getting humiliated via the press, and more, and sometimes worse.

Research Paper on Social Psychology One Point in Assignment

In my profession, the need for affiliation is a social motivation is strong and present. It is a universal experience to know people or be a person who will do anything in the name of affiliation with a social group or other kind of formal group. This is a social motive I think I could use to predict some individual behaviors in my field, higher education.


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