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[. . .] Interviewing 262 undergraduate students the authors learned that in terms of feminine vs. unfeminine athletes, males are less interested in articles about female athletes are more masculine but males like women's volleyball (women wear shorts and tend to be more attractive). Female students reported more interest in more masculine sports players. There is a fascinating social psychological study within that subject.

Other writers are investigating the social psychological aspects of attitudes toward serious mental illness, about the behavioral control (or lack of control) young people have with respect to information technology, and the role social psychology plays with reference to customer retention for a particular cellular company.

The learner's response to the research

My original ideas were very narrowly focused, and I really had little comprehension as to the depth and width of the subject. Moreover, I did not realize that this field is as yet not widely used in schools environments, and that teachers are among those that should become proficient with the concepts and with the importance of understanding social psychology. For the benefit of minority students, and all students, instructors should be on the front line when it comes to understanding social psychology and how it can bring enlighten attitudes and ideas.

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