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[. . .] Other considerations for a social psychologist include geography and the economic background of the individuals and groups they study. Language is also important. Even the way a group of people dresses could be important to a social psychologist.

For a social psychologist, all this information helps them understand why a person will change his or her behavior in different groups. This is the psychology part: it studies how each person's identity changes or how they see themselves differently depending on whether they are visiting their grandmother, hanging out with friends, or applying for a job. It would also try to understand what type of personality might become a serial killer in a particular society, or who would become a saintly person, sacrificing himself or her self for others in the same society. When a society is changing, as modern society has recently done from pre-computer to post-computer, social psychologists try to explain what types of behavior will change, and why, and for whom.

Social psychologists use all the material they develop to try to explain the society we live in, and to help the institutions that operate in the society, such as schools and government, operate more effectively. In addition to psychology and sociology, a social psychologist may also need to study other fields, such as anthropology, economics, religion, history, anthropology, linguistics and even biology.

He or she may also need to study some cultural areas, such as food and art, to understand how groups of people work and what factors influence them. They may also need to study how sports and the military are affected by and affect groups and individuals.

In short, social psychology is the study of just about any discipline because seeing how each aspect of human life affects individuals and groups can help us understand those individuals and groups better, and even help them to create a better life. [END OF PREVIEW]

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