Research Paper: Social Responsibilty Strategy for Community

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[. . .] For outside governments, it should make good connections with the community by producing actions to support or help society for instance giving money into communication methods or refining society in order for people to have a much more comfortable life.

Corporate Compliance Program

Alexandria Hospital plans on developing and then implementing a Corporate Compliance in the near future. These compliance efforts will be designed to enable the detection, prevention, and resolve of instances of conduct that are previously not conforming to state and federal law and federal, state, and private payer healthcare necessities, in addition to the Hospital's business and ethical policies (Rohini & Mahadevappa, 2010). The components of the Alexandria Hospital compliance program will comprise of things such as development of policies, oversight, and events, training and education, communication, and application.

The Corporate Compliance Program at Alexandria Hospital will do things such as maintain a hotline as a type of reporting device for employees to converse concerns and questions that will be designed in order to protect the anonymity of certain callers. The Alexandria Hospital will be committed to upholding compliance that will be with state and federal laws and regulations that oversee all of its operations. The Alexandria Hospital will seek to foster an organizational culture that endorses and allows the accomplishment of compliance with these legal necessities. To advance its pledge to compliance, Alexandria Hospital will advance an official program to make sure that its compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements are effective.

Alexandria Hospital will put a Compliance Officer, which will be the Vice President - Legal Affairs, and their job will be to supervise the development and implementation of the Compliance Program and then from time to time they will be the ones that report straight to the Chief Executive Officer and President and the Board of Trustees on a steady foundation.

We have observed the many strategies of Alexandria Hospital linking to corporate social responsibility. It is clear that at Alexandria Hospital Corporate social responsibility will have huge position in the real world and it will be very much significant for the consumers to have a look over external in addition to internal benefits of the association. After writing the entire CSR it can effortlessly be decided that corporate social responsibility is extremely much significant in any institute. The researcher is able to divide the concluding part in two parts which are the internal conclusion and external conclusion.

When external conclusion is mentioned, in this it is able to be concluded that external shareholders of the group are very much worried about growth of the institute. It is unconditionally based on the philosophy of the corporate social responsibility as stated by the external stakeholders' works. As it has been observed in the business model, Alexandria Hospital plans to be one of the most apparent organizations in the medical field which includes CSR brilliantly within the association (Rohini & Mahadevappa, 2010).

As internal the stakeholders of the organization are affected, financial heads doctors, and marketing head of the association are very much worried about the status of the hospital. As a result to build up product in the marketplace, these internal stakeholders will be able to start providing best likely quality to the clienteles.

Next we are able to see the infrastructure part of the association, workers of this association are so much dedicated in the direction of the work that has been allocated to them that they are mostly accountable for the central infrastructure of Alexandria Hospital. There will obviously be growth seen in numerous different parts of the association. In health care, Alexandria Hospital understands the fact that that in the next 25 years, they plan to see a significant growth. This will give a huge motivation to other workers who will be joining Alexandria Hospital at present and they are projected to keep the pride of the organization in the same method as it was previous. Capability of Alexandria Hospital can be described in a way that in twenty five years from now, the hospitals brand will be increasing in the market. Regardless of having such an enormous competition in the market, Alexandria Hospital is will still maintain its worth in the market. This is because Alexandria Hospital will have a very nice infrastructure and wonderful workers in the corporation. There are numerous medical treatments that will be finished in Alexandria Hospital such as Dental center and Polyclinics and Oncology and Breast Care center. These are the departments which will be working most efficiently the hospital. There will be numerous benefits which will be provided by the organization by means of core competences and having enormous infrastructure. These compensations will be suitable information admission, right to policy making and numerous other welfares.

Of course ethics are the main objective of Alexandria Hospital. As said by Alexandria Hospital, corporate social responsibilities will be at its best when work is done for causes that are social. In future Alexandria Hospital will involve numerous NGOs so as to provide quality and cheap facilities to the poor individuals so that they can get to these services without any issues.

There are numerous strategies followed in Alexandria Hospital concerning finance and marketing so as to have growth and success of the organization. Numerous marketing methods are going to be taken into deliberation and marketing individuals from all over the world are utilized to promote Alexandria Hospital. The organization understands that Marketing is rather very important for the elevation of the brand so as to get brand acknowledgment in the market. Likewise extremely gifted financial personalities will be used in Alexandria Hospital for solving financial issues.


In spite of having such delightful qualities of Alexandria Hospital, there are some recommendations that will possibly need to be fed up so as to get better worth in the future. Some of the recommendations are the following:


There are few loopholes in the internal part of the organization where there could be a lack of management among the staffs. This will not be big deal to be cover up for the reason that the issue not a big one but still so that it will work for corporate social responsibility, it is imperative to recommend on this problem. There will be Arab individuals that will be working in the organization and there will be various doctors and other employees who are from other nations. Therefore it turns out to be some issue in communication among the workers which lead to some difficulties (Castka, & Balzarova, 2008)

As far as Alexandria Hospital integrity is concerned it will be important for the physicians to comprehend that all the work can only be done when there is a combined effort in Alexandria Hospital. Therefore integrity is something that needs to be maintained.

There are a numerous departments in the Alexandria Hospital, as a result it is significant that regular meetings are initiated in order that head all the departments will be to interrelate in front of CEO and make numerous choices. (Robert & Kodua, 2012)


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Robert, E.H., & Kodua, P. (2012). Examining the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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