Social Science Social Change Situations Keep Discussion Chapter

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Social Science

Social Change

Situations keep on evolving, making different aspects of culture to change as well. The human social life has been faced with immense development, and still on the verge of change to accommodate posterity needs. The ancient generations evidently presented human beings as a pre-literate and conservative population. In addition, the existence in the ancient society mainly dwelt on nature's resources and complex aspects of their culture. However, increased competition and need to advance increased the rate at which social change was taking. Customs and traditions started to erode and replaced by new practices. These practices were driven by many discoveries, inventions and culture diffusion and perspective thinking and evaluation of ideas and ideologies.

Discovery and Invention

Discovery is a mutual human perception that enacts reality aspects. The use of discoveries has greatly contributed to the process of social change by introducing new ideas and policies that avert the present reality and culture. Invention involves the addition of already existing things but in a new way. Social change has gradually increased due to social and material invention, which all backbones of societal social change. In a chain summary, discoveries bring about inventions that eventually lead to innovation that change the structure and policies that social cultures dwell upon (Hunt and Colander, 2006).Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Discussion Chapter on Social Science Social Change Situations Keep on Assignment

Discovery and invention is a major factor that has led to the acceleration rates of social change. The discoveries made by previous generation led to the realization of more advanced knowledge that changed the entire mindset of human beings. Contributions to discoveries and invention placed technology and industrial revolution in other levels. An instance of historical evolution is writing that has made it possible for human beings to record and store their discoveries and inventions' theories for future generations. However, these discoveries are open to challenges and as global revolution changes, so does the discoveries. Inventions are improved to accommodate even more efficient devices to sustain human social life. In addition to the writing invention, transmission of transport and communication services has evolved with time, currently being sustained by high speed communication of airplanes and electric trains, the internet and the space satellites (Hunt and Colander, 2006).

Culture Diffusion

Another process that has contributed to social change is culture diffusion. Contact among human beings regardless of race, geographical region, among others has increased. This aspect is also attributed to other human factors of interaction such as business, tourism and entertainment. Under this notion, different communities shared or copied other important practices of other cultures, hence diffusing their own and developing new culture practices. The essence of taboos has greatly eroded due to the presence of new practices favorable to each member of the society. Similarly, culture diffusion has contributed to social change by making societal changes to culture dimensions. These repercussions are prone to resultant changes, though in a gradual process. The elements of culture diffusion that result to gradual social change are culture lags, which include belief-conceptual, aesthetic-value, institutional aspect, political, economic and technological.

Culture diffusion and social change greatly relate with how cultural circumstances take turns when rendered to difficult situations. According to Sharma Rajendra et al., situations that compel certain people of the society make culture and social aspects of a society to change. This… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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