Social Theory Term Paper

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Social Theory

Through the use of social theory it is theorized that the concept of globalization is capable of taking on various alternative interpretations. This theory is due to the understanding that the discourses surrounding the term globalization are not absolute but socially produced ideas. Social theory involves the use of theoretical frameworks for the purpose of explaining social meanings, structures, and processes. Globalization involves a complex set of economic, political, cultural, and social processes that have caused the modern world to become highly interdependent and interconnected. The precise definition of this term and its impact upon the world has been a source of constant debate between scholars of various social science disciplines.

Using the social theoretical framework several alternative views of the term globalization are derived. It is theorized that the meaning of this term can be open to interpretation due to the fact that past meanings were themselves the result of discursive construction and not, as some would have it, discourses naturally associated with globalization. It is stated that globalization and its impact upon the world has to be analyzed using critical social theory in order for scholars to come to a better understanding of the complex social processes occurring in the world today; this phenomenon is thus not something that should be ignored by scholars looking to better understand today's world (Kelly 1999).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Term Paper on Social Theory Through the Use of Social Assignment

An analysis can begin by examining the various geographical literatures upon the subject of globalization. Through such examination it will be observed that the discourses surrounding this term are polarized between either being an idealization of its impact or a belittling of the influence it has in today's societies. Some scholars view it idealistically as being capable of creating a utopian world where nation-states no longer exist and where economic and cultural processes become intimately interconnected throughout the world. Other scholars hold a completely opposite view in stating that globalization's impact has been minimal upon the world based on empirical evidence supporting the notion that a "super state" does not exist and on the notion that the world has undergone past periods of internationalization. Many scholars also equate globalization with neoliberal economic policies and believe this to be its inevitably natural discourse. This equation causes many to be disdainful of globalization's potential of having a positive impact upon the world. Other scholars, while insisting upon the continued importance of the nation-state in modern times, create a conflicting dichotomy between the notions of the global vs. local arenas (Kelly 1999).

After examining the literature, attempts can be made to refute the conflicting viewpoints about globalization. Before this it must first be understood that this phenomenon is not simply an imaginary notion dreamed up by business and academic elites. It is based… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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