Social Work Beyond U.S. Borders? Article Review

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He also points out that she was on her way to a convent: this is probably an indication of his ancestor's noble roots.

The context is one of slavery and oppression as well as the injustice of one nation unjustly dominating another by arbitrarily picking up innocent individuals and selling them into slavery. The context here is one of rage and protest

Power refers to the unequal balance of one country -- the British that were strong and dominant at this particular historical epoch -- taking advantage of another nation, and individuals that were vulnerable and weaker than they. The British swooped down on susceptible individuals and captured them selling them as slaves, persecuting them, and giving them little in return. This was a gross violation of human rights and represented one county's arbitrarily using their power to dominate and persecute others.

The history is own of slavery, African oppression by the Whites, injustice, and a series of events where a royal family was reduced to slavery by the capricious intents of another nation. As regards brown Child, this is his personal history that fueled him to the meaning of protesting it and preventing further injustice.

Finally, the context of possibility lies in the fact that by writing about, publicizing, and protesting this violent history, future oppression will be prevented and other violations of human right be obstructed.


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TOPIC: Article Review on Social Work Beyond U.S. Borders? Assignment

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