Social Work Children a Research Question Research Paper

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Social Work Children

A research question that will be raised and answered in the research proposal will be how to reduce information technology (it) anxiety among social workers in child welfare settings and how to make them more willing to employ it. The method for attacking this issue will be to make a comparison with online education and distance learning. Many of the same issues with regard to the lack of face-to-face contact and human interaction exist in online education and many of the same adaptive strategies are applicable to better employing it in the social work arena. As in online education, the client who is better suited for face-to-face interaction needs to be routed in that direction and those who deal better with remote technology need to be routed in that direction. If the social worker sees a successful integration of it, they will then be more likely to use it across the board. Hopefully, since children are involved, this implementation of technology will go more smoothly than feared by the adult social worker.

Research Methods

Design Issues

As in online education, efficacy and computer anxiety were all determinants in designing the system and arriving at decisions about how to mitigate problems dealing with stakeholder usage. In social work in a childrens' services setting. There are often barriers that impede service, accuracy and efficiency. Information technology can provide solutions that can help remove barriers that social work agencies and professionals face in the areas of planning, funding, and empowerment in case management, social work and other areas of human services (Saade & Kira, 2009, 177-178). Variables for social work services starts with the establishment an it infrastructure that will support the day-to-day activities that are vital social services and to service delivery. Limited funds may affect this ability to purchase vital technology that will enhance service delivery and remove barriers that cause inefficiencies. Funding is a barrier most often faced in social services because there are limited funds to go around and the government has only x amount of dollars in the budget to allocate to the social work field period. Today's case workers and human services workers are tasked with the collection of large volumes of detail information about clients activities and findings, monitoring progress, accessing data for eligibility for supported programs and ensuring clients are getting services that they are entitled to. Typically, case workers collected information via paper and pen during client's visits. Although paper base data collection has remained a constant, it has advanced in social service agencies by the provision of aggregated and historical views of client data electronically in order to best serve each client, rather than individual physical file storage.

As noted earlier variables that are associated with the level of confidence in using technology in state child welfare include older social workers over 35 years of age who are uncomfortable with paper (even paper notes and using clipboards or notebooks). In the literature review, it was demonstrated that computer anxiety levels correlated highly with the level of it training that was provided to the social work caseworker. The researchers concluded that those who spent more time on the computer each week and received more training were more likely to have lower computer anxiety levels. It was suggested by Choi, et al., (2002), that the CAIN could be used in social work settings as a positive tool in identifying workers in need of more training.

The perceptions of many social workers is that it compromises accountability to their clients because of a lack of face-to-face interaction or a personal touch. Caseworkers feel that their clients become alienated from the services offered in therapy and that it services such as e-therapy do nothing to decrease this alienation. In this case there is conceptual anxiety on behalf of the social worker. One would have to find out what the differences are between those clients who are under and who are over 35. However, perhaps they have not considered all technologies such as video conferencing which might greatly enhance the quality of a virtual experience between the social worker and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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