US Socialized Medicine and Technology Essay

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The U.S., Socialized Medicine and Technology

The U.S., Socialized medicine, and Technology.

The U.S., Socialized medicine, and Technology.

The U.S., Socialized medicine, and Technology.

In this modern age, where very one wants comfort and automation in the work process, technology is an essential part of the society. It is commonly seen that latest development are constantly coming in the technological area each day. However, besides providing ease and comfort to the society as well as the government, there are a number of drawbacks of this technology for the society. Research has done on this alarming topic of the society and after interpreting the results, many researchers were of the view that technology is proving to be a challenge for the society and government (Chiang, pg. 3-7).

It is a fact that technology has now taken a firm position in many developed countries. However, as far as the government is concerned, the rapid changes in technology are very challenging because it changes the way of communication with the entire society and it affects both, the private and public life of the citizens. The technological change directly affects the hierarchical responsibilities and roles assigned by the government and in addition to this, the most crucial effect of the technological change is the impact on the decision making process of the government.

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Beside this, the changes in technology also affect the operational process of the government. These changes are sometimes of no use for the government. Some technological revolutions such genetic management and biology can affect the common concepts of government. Nature of government is also affected by this revolution in the technological world.

A number of researchers are still involved in the study of the impact of technological revolution on the government and the main question for which they are more interested is that either government should adopt these rapid changes of technology in its way of functionality or not, and if so, how will it impact on the nature of government (Teich, pg. 360).

Essay on US Socialized Medicine and Technology Assignment

As far as the relationship is concerned between the three significant factors, that is, society, environment and the technology, it can be easily predicted that these three factors will have a firm relation in the upcoming future. This predicion is evident from the present day relationdjip between the society, technology and the enviroment. Today, people are so much addicted toawards technology that they cannot survive even a single minute without it. It is commonly observed that technology is implemented in almost every sector of the society and it seems as if society is bound on technology.

Technolgy has changed the way how people interact with one another, tavel from one place to another, earn money for living and so on. It has entirely changed the production, distribution and selling concepts of goods and services in the society. In addition to this, it has also changed the way people gain knowledge and provided a number of benefits for the youth of the country (Teich, pg. 56).

But, on the other hand, this technology has also made the people aware about a number of facts and due to this awareness, people are now aware of the fact that technology also has some drawbacks for the society and the environment. Many researchers are predicted that the ratio of use of technolgy is likely to decline in the upcoming future due to increased awareness among the people. This fact can also not be denied that survival in the twenty -- first century without the use of technology is not possible.

A number of researchers are now of the view that the use of technology will decline in those sectors where its drawbacks are extremely alarming.Besides this, people will continue to use technology in those areas where its drawbacks are negligible. It is likely that robots will develop and internet downloading will be made much easier than ever. One researcher predicted that in the future internet… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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