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The term 'identity' is used for a variety of things and for this reason different people mean different things when they refer to identity. In a majority of cases, people use this term for denoting a sense of self-integration. When human identity is considered, its meaning is rather complicated and infinite. If truth be told, identity is the origin of an indivisible section of an individual's awareness and perception to a certain extent. However, for the most part, identity is a congregation of one's attitude, conduct, moral values and viewpoints that he/she collects and learns during the course of his/her life. In simple words, an individual's identity is unique and separates him/her from others (Lawler 1). It is said that an individual's place in society is dependent on his/her individual identity. Due to the social variables (gender, religion, ethnicity, political views etc.) that form and affect one's personality and identity, the worldviews of one are molded and shaped. This is the reason why it is excessively important to study about one's identity as it may have a variety of major influences on the life of an individual. It is because of these identities and the subsequent worldviews that people are able to realize, understand and create life's realities.

As far as my own identity is concerned, it is influenced by a number of social variables. Being a follower of the Catholic religion and racially categorized due to my Mexican ethnicity in a divided American society, my identity and worldviews have been shaped up accordingly.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Society the Term 'Identity' Is Assignment

In my case, religion is the most important social variable that has affected my overall personal attributes and identity. I am a devoted Catholic today as I have been raised in an environment where my parents emphasized on practicing religious teachings and moralities. This factor has particularly shaped my identity as a faithful, loving and compassionate believer. Due to the opportunities and experiences I was offered by my parents, I have gained knowledge about God, goodness and positivity in life and I consider myself a lucky person to be able to express positive characteristics in my daily life. I identify with a lot of people who believe in God's oneness and supremeness. I try my best to abide by the teachings of Catholicism and get hold of opportunities to receive reparations. Without a question, my religious values have played a major part in molding and shaping my worldviews.

My individual identity is also affected and shaped up by the racial/ethnic categorization that I experience in the American society on a daily basis. The United States of America is renowned for treating Mexicans in a negative light and considering them as an inferior minority group (Mintz 4). My family and I are still struggling to integrate into the American society in a successful manner. My life is a different one as compared to other 'whites' as my skin color, facial features, accent and other physical aspects define my Mexican ethnicity. Although I am not treated as Blacks, the stereotypic lens that is so associated with the whites, view me as being an alien in the land of whites.

This social variable of racial/ethnic categorization has shaped up my beliefs and worldviews to a great extent. Thus, due to my group membership, I encounter discrimination now and then and this differential treatment does make me upset a lot of times. I find myself struggle to not be treated as a 2nd class citizen but it becomes rather painful sometimes. Despite all this, I continue to be determined and try to play my role in the society as a positive American who hates discrimination.

I have adopted this attitude by not considering myself as a disadvantaged individual in a different society where discrimination is prevalent on the basis on one's ethnicity, race and skin color. My self-discipline, composure and moral values that I have inherited have helped me tremendously to face people's negative comments and mistreatment. There are a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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