Term Paper: Sociology Applying the Sociological Perspective

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[. . .] Many mothers in the United States were saying goodbye forever to their sons and daughters, as were the mothers in Iraq. Each one faced the uncertainty of whether their child would return and if they did return, in what condition? However, the interviewee also witnessed families that did not have resiliency and faced too many hardships without proper tools (mental, physical, and social skills and abilities) that hindered their abilities to make good decisions or any decision at all. They simply gave up, as their lives seemed too hard and too overwhelming to endure. The interviewee realized that his family is unique in that regard. He also realized that his family is why he has been able to address the trauma he faced in Iraq and with his injuries. He has resilience, appropriate development, strong self-esteem, and a social support system encouraging his complete recovery. He believes his military background added to this ability to recover so quickly and so completely, despite the physical scars he wears.


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