Sociology Australia Journal

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Sociology Australia

Examining Sociology

I was introduced to some very interesting terms and concepts this week. I was particularly interested in unobtrusive research and its comparison to empirical studies. At first I was intrigued by the idea of utilizing social research methodologies that allowed one to truly study the subjects as they exist in their own environments without disturbing the environment of jeopardizing validity. I became very excited about being able to learn about human beings as they naturally interact with their social world and believed that these observations could be utilized alone or in conjunction with empirical research in order to produce more reliable research. Interestingly, I did not take into consideration the potential drawbacks to this type of observation including the ramifications of engaging an individual in a study where they do not know that they are participants. This brought me full circle to the question of at what point does the benefit gained by natural reactions outweigh the potential negative impact of unobtrusive research. It would seem that there is so much to be gained through this social research approach that empirical studies are unable to truly obtain due to threats to validity.

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Journal on Sociology Australia Assignment

The concept that resonated for me this week was that of sociological imagination particularly as it is impacted by historical and cultural considerations. The concept of sociological imagination as being the link between issues related to the individuals as they intersect with the issues of society was quite intriguing. In particular, it challenges the reader to truly look at the role that history and culture play in current events that are happening in the world and within an individual. It is important when seeking to understand current society or to initiate change to social problems that one is able to recognize the link between history and society and the practical implications for practice. We can use what we have learned from history and cultural events to develop an understanding of how the world operates and how we have ended up in the specific point in time as well as what has been tried to address societal issues so that we do not repeat them and instead can focus on… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Sociology Australia Journal

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