Sociology Determination of the Normative Term Paper

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[. . .] That is, how can a culture assess what is good without having assessed what is bad? Even in the definitions, the opposite behaviors are implied. As stated in Chapter 14:

"In sum, the normative definition of deviance focuses on the abnormal behavior that violates social norms and is subject to negative sanctions. What is normal or abnormal is culturally relative but every society has its norms to define and control those who go beyond the community's tolerance limits. Hence deviance is unthinkable without norms, and norms without deviance are meaningless -- one cannot exist without the other." (Chapter 14,-Page 418)

Further still, there is room for wider conceptions of normalcy and therefore abnormality as there are several kinds of normalcy in societies by which citizens' behaviors are gauged. Some of the kinds of normalcy include biological normalcy, psychological normalcy, and sociocultural normalcy. (Chapter 14,-Page 419) The normative definitions of normalcy and abnormality are based upon several sets of averages. What is normal is gauged by what the behaviors that most people within a culture engage in on average. There are many levels upon which normalcy is assessed and by which abnormality is diagnosed. Normative definitions of deviance and abnormality consist of those behaviors and character traits that fall outside the average, with their own…
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