Sociology - Ethics Research Proposal

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Sociology - Ethics Case


In general principle, Elissa's employing Sylvia while providing professional services for the benefit of Juan presents potential ethical issues that may violate the provisions of the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers ("the NASW Code") pertaining to dual relationships.

Dual Relationship Ethical Issue #1 - Interference with Professional Discretion:

The commingling of professional services with the proposed employment arrangement could conceivably interfere with Elissa's professional discretion in certain circumstances, such as where Sylvia fails to perform her employment duties satisfactorily. Under the best case scenario initially envisioned by the social worker, the arrangement does not necessarily pose any ethical problems. However, the employer/employee relationship does introduce a much greater potential for problems that could arise that would likely interfere with the social worker's exercise of professional discretion. Therefore, the proposed arrangement is a violation of the NASW Code of Ethics.

Dual Relationship Ethical Issue #2 - Interference with Impartial Judgment:

Similarly, the commingling of social work services and Elissa's employment of Sylvia may not necessarily interfere with Elissa's ability to maintain impartiality while rendering social services under the best case scenario initially envisioned by both parties.

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However, various circumstances could arise that could conceivably interfere with Elissa's ability in that regard, including dissatisfaction with elements of Sylvia's employment.

TOPIC: Research Proposal on Sociology - Ethics Case Ethics Case Study Assignment

More importantly, even under the best case scenario, the nature of social work emphasizes objectivity and absolute impartiality, both of which may be more difficult to maintain in conjunction with the nature of the particular employment being contemplated. Dual Relationship Ethical Issue #3 - Exploitation of Clients, Colleagues,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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