Sociology Evolutionary Psychology Article Review

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Finally, we conclude by suggesting that mismatches between our evolved emotional responses and the novel modern environments in which they currently operate often lead to outcomes we can legitimately view as suboptimal.

They spend the article elaborating upon this main set or intersection of ideas and theories. Cultural messages throughout time have sent mixed messages about emotions. Evolutionary psychology can help explain how the paradox evolved and why all the advice regarding emotions is valid, not just half or some. They argue within the context of evolutionary psychology that humans have to embrace the paradoxical nature of emotions and learn how to sometimes let emotions take over and sometimes attempt to control them, yet always value and appreciate their validity. This article indirectly is a strong argument for or advocate for emotional intelligence. Gardner (1989) first argued for the theory of multiple intelligences within every human -- emotional intelligence being one of them. This article indirectly argues for the use of evolutionary psychology as a strategy to develop and apply emotional intelligence to the daily human experience.

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The authors conclude that the use of evolutionary psychology with respect to the topic of emotions, behavior, and emotional intelligence is functional approach or strategy. They ultimately argue the validity for the use of this particular theory because of the fundamentally adaptive nature or core of evolutionary psychology. They additionally propose that in the present and near future, the application of evolutionary psychology will occur in areas of counseling/therapy, life coaching, anthropology, sociology, neurology, and others. Evolutionary psychology, then, would prove useful within psychology with respect to social disorders, anxieties, trauma, and compulsion, for example. The authors chose to view emotions and behavior through a Darwinian lens of adaptation. They want to leave readers with the sense that the irrational and often uncontrollable nature of emotions enables reason and does serve to obstruct it.

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Haselton, M.G. (2005). Irrational Emotions of Emotional Wisdom? Evolutionary Psychology of Emotions and Behavior. Forgas, J. (ed) Hearts and minds: Affective influences on social cognition and behavior. Psychology Press: New York. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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