Essay: Sociology -- Human Services Governance

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[. . .] After working for a decade of this incident, Canadian Blood Services has been successful to a great extent in regaining the faith of Canadian's in their blood supply. According a marketing research conducted by Ipsos Reid in 2007, it was found out that eight three percent of the Canadian general public now trust the Canadian Blood Services which was only fifty six percent in 1998.

Kumanan Wilson, who is an expert in the Canadian Public Health Policy, wrote in an issue of Canadian Medical Association Journal, in 2007 that "The reformed blood system has regained public confidence and has even received high marks from the group representing the primary victims of the tainted blood tragedy (Abecassi et al., 2007)."

The "Canadian Hemophilia Society" also awarded Canadian Blood Services "A Grade" on its report card for year 2005-2007 with a complement that "Canadian Blood Services continues to be accountable and transparent in its decision making." This success of "Canadian Blood Services" proves that governance along with leadership is an excellent combination which resulted in the success of the organization and regaining public interest.

An important lesson that can be learnt from this case is that only governance is not enough for running an organization successfully; strong leadership is also needed along with proper governance structures and communication. Communication gap should be removed and participation should all be encouraged at all levels as happened in Canadian Blood Services; the management placed wide group of stakeholders at or near to the decision making table and the result is the beneficial decisions for the organization.

A strong leadership along with favourable culture and communication control the direction of governance and promote team work and collaboration at all levels so that right information reaches to right person at right time for making the right decision.

Although, leaders are also humans and can make mistakes but more important than that is they should learn from their mistakes. Health care is actually a very sensitive and critical area and mistakes cannot be tolerated here as they result in human life loss. Therefore, these matters should not be taken lightly and prompt steps should be taken to prevent such disasters from happening again.

The measures and actions should be planned and taken under a strong leadership and by looking at the sensitivity of the situation. The leaders and decision makers should not be bound by the political pressures and their utmost goal should be to take steps which benefit the public.

If there had been a good leadership in Canadian Red Cross Blood system, this "tainted blood scandal" situation had never happen and even if happened than not at such a big level. The issue would have been diagnosed at early stage and solved but due to the lack of leadership and mismanagement, Red Cross was not able to handle the situation and in result of which thousands of people suffered. It cannot be denied that good leadership was missing due to which they were not able to handle this challenging situation.

Therefore, it can be concluded that governance is not only enough for an organization to be successful, especially when it is a health care organization. Leadership is also very necessary as it plays a vital role to run the organization smoothly. It opens the channels of communication for all stakeholders including public. The commitment and support of leadership help in communicating the purpose and processes of the health care program at all levels of the organization. This is the reason that leadership has the value of flesh on the bones of any organization. It is a very important variable and a heart of good governance system. Organizational performance and enhanced management capacity cannot be achieved without leadership.

It was because of Krever's suggestions and hard work of the new leadership that Canadian Blood Services has gained faith and respect from the public, despite of the high level distrust which it inherited from Canadian Red Cross. This case proves that leadership is required along with governance at all levels of the public organization and is important than any other single factor which determines the success of failure of any organization. It develops the capacity of organization for taking challenges and combines private and public actors to achieve and goals and strategies. To conclude, leadership is a critical component for doing good public governance.


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