Sociology: Labor Studies Unionization Essay

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However, the government would also prove to be influential in the reduction of union authority and involvement with the nation's workers. Legislation was passed to circumscribe some of the positive effects of the NLRA, including the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947 and the Landrum-Griffith Act of 1957. Other noteworthy governmental actions that helped contribute to the decline of labor unions included Ronald Reagan's firing of air controllers in 1981, as well as the large amounts of "right to work" legislation that outlawed beneficiaries of collective bargaining contracts to pay dues to unions. Other factors responsible for the decline of union involvement include globalization and the outsourcing of traditional industries and sources of labor to overseas countries where there are no unions. Additionally, the splintering of the traditional AFL-CIO into other factions significantly detracted from the solidarity of unions.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Sociology: Labor Studies Unionization This Assignment

The information provided within this excerpt appears to be poignantly true, particularly when it details the wage advantages that union membership offers vs. employees who are not part of labor unions. Furthermore, the awareness that such unions raise in their employees of non-wage related benefits, such as health coverage, increased vacation time, and lower premiums for health and life benefits, is certainly productive and may partially explain why the government was largely responsible for decreasing the effectiveness and the authority of unions in the past several decades. Yet what is suggested throughout the duration of this excerpt is that the true strength in unions lies in their membership. If enough people join them and become involved in them, it appears as if there potency can be elevated again to enable working class people…
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